Meet Your Team

Loren Slocum Lahav - aka Our “Mama Bear”

Loren was first introduced to RRI on Thanksgiving, 1989 (one of the very first basket brigades Tony did). She was so moved by the event, she decided she was “home”. In 1990, Loren worked in the Production Department planning the one-day events known as The Competitive Edge, UPW weekends and organized Project Contribution, a day where Life Mastery Participants would go help in the community. At that time Life Mastery had about 2,500 participants at one event. She organized that day, for over 14 years. Her big passion has always been with the Crew, and she created the Crew Program over 23 years ago. Loren always says “the crew is the heartbeat of the events” In 2001, Sage and Tony approached Loren about launching as the facilitator for the new Life Mastery program in Fiji and taught Life Mastery Programs back to back (over 80 in 3 years). Then she came back to the US and continues to teach Life Mastery events, yet Loren still felt the pull to work with the Crew, and has been back for several years as the Crew Mama Bear. Loren’s belief is that our job, no matter what, is “to take care of these participants.”

A bundle of energy with an enormous heart, Loren exudes the essence of enjoying being alive and truly getting all there is out of life. A thriving, successful and dedicated mother, loving wife, distinguished international personal development seminar leader, speaker, Elite Lifestyle coach, huge philanthropist, internationally published author, of The Greatest Love, Life Tuneups and The Drama Free Divorce Detox, Loren loves a challenge! She stands as a model of possibility for women everywhere. She is an example of what it means to have it all, do it all, and love it all by living her truth. “There is absolutely no reason that a woman can’t have it all – it’s just a matter of staying true to who you are and consciously and creatively using the gifts and resources that are all around you.”

Waz - Fire Team Captain

Waz – Fire Team Captain

Waz - Fire Team Captain