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Apr 23-30, 2014 (Sold Out)


May 16-23, 2014


Jul 14-22, 2014

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Marco Island

Aug 30 – Sept 7, 2014


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“When you talk about something, it’s a dream. When you envision it, it’s exciting. When you plan it, it’s possible. But, when you schedule it, it’s real.”
–Tony Robbins

If you want to squeeze every drop out of this life on this planet that we have, and want to experience everything life has to offer—in your health, your family, social life, every area—you must, must, must, come to Life Mastery.

- Helen Baby


After Tony showed me it was just as easy to make $10 million as it was to make $10,000, I took massive action, and it all began to flower. My business is now three times the size it was five years ago! In just five years, I have grown my personal property portfolio to over $8.9 million!

- Alex Clark,

Business Owner and Entrepreneur,
Cheltenham, England

I finally got that I am enough. I fell in love with my husband all over again and appreciate him so much more because of the things I learned. This is a wonderful gift to both of us.

- Annie Blackburn,

Retired entrepreneur,
Mount Vernon Washington

When I took my blood test before I went to Life Mastery, my cholesterol was 262, my blood pressure was 130 over 92. Since then, I’m down 52 pounds, my blood pressure is 116 over 70 and my cholesterol is around 145. I feel great; my energy is out of this world.

- Dominic Sabatini,

Irwin, Pennsylvania

Life & Wealth Mastery

Discover your peak—in paradise.
Open a new world of abundance.
Recapture your energy, your focus and your vitality.

Why Life & Wealth Mastery?

You won’t believe what’s emerging from our Life & Wealth Mastery events—new businesses, new bodies, revitalized marriages and million-dollar discoveries, to name a few.

These extraordinary results happened only because our graduates took a leap, came to Fiji for a transformative experience free from distractions, and returned to their lives with colossal levels of energy, ingenuity and dedication to their goals. It’s no wonder Tony Robbins himself undergoes the Life & Wealth Mastery process every 18 months.

“I feel so much stronger in my core; yes I want to be more successful in my business and yes I want to make more time for my family but if I’m strong in my core, I can do all of those things.”
–Zahra Jiwa,
Realtor, Alberta, Canada

See What Other Grads are Saying ?

Tony comes here to energize, rejuvenate and reassess every area of his life. That’s why he designed Life & Wealth Mastery for you: Inside a turquoise paradise just steps away from Tony’s home in Fiji, you will rededicate yourself to your goals, your relationships, your physical and emotional health, and your prosperity.

Are you ready to effect real change in your life? Here’s your opportunity to truly make it happen.
Plus, getting here is easier than you think.

What is Life & Wealth Mastery?

The event includes:

  • A powerfully restorative schedule of physical and emotional conditioning.
  • Concrete strategies from the world’s experts in finance, fulfillment, health and relationships.
  • Daily practices that will enhance your state today and for the rest of your life.

What are the results of Life & Wealth Mastery?

It’s like adding more hours to your day; you’ll return from Fiji focused and invigorated, recommitted to your productivity, health, relationships and prosperity. When you think about it, a few focused days of empowerment cost much less than years and years of piecemeal attempts at progress.

To close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, reserve your spot at
Life & Wealth Mastery today.

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* Speakers, Location and Event Dates subject to change without notice.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your decision to attend is absolutely risk free. If after participating in the first half of any session of Mastery University you decide the event is not right for you, simply notify in writing to a designated official at the program and turn in your notebook and course materials. We will fully refund your tuition for that session of Mastery University. You have nothing to lose, and imagine what you will gain!