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March 7-14, 2014


April 23-30, 2014 (Sold Out)


May 16-23, 2014


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“When you talk about something, it’s a dream. When you envision it, it’s exciting. When you plan it, it’s possible. But, when you schedule it, it’s real.”
–Tony Robbins

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One Trip to Fiji, A Lifetime of Abundance: Our Graduates on the Transformative Power of Life & Wealth Mastery

Life Mastery

Rebecca Wilson,

Chiropractor, Foster City, California
describes how Life Mastery triggered her

Martin (Marty) Pannan,

Former Airline Captain, Brisbane, Australia
on Life Mastery’s “pure support” and life-enlarging strategies.

If you want to squeeze every drop out of this life on this planet that we have, and to experience everything life has to offer—in your health, in your family, social life, every area—you must, must, must, come to Life Mastery.
—Helen Baby, California

I took my blood test before I went to Life Mastery; my cholesterol was 262, my blood
pressure was 130 over 92. Since then, I’m down 52 pounds, my blood pressure is 116 over 70 and my cholesterol is around 145. I just started eating mostly vegetables and I feel great—the energy is out of this world.

—Dominic Sabatini, Dentist, Irwin, Pennsylvania

This is not just a course about eating a better diet; this is a course about living a more healthy, fulfilling life—information that you can use for the rest of your years. It’s not just a series of lectures where they are giving information, there is physical movement and there is also a component of spirituality that I think really brings this program to another level—it makes you whole and really helps you to realize every gift that your creator gave you.
—Dr. Jeff Waxman, Urologist, Temple, Texas

Wealth Mastery

Sladana Hidosan,

Tour Director, Cremorne, Australia
on her transformed financial outlook.

If you think you know something about money, you’ll be wrong. If you think it’s going to be dry and boring, you’ll be wrong. If you think it’s going to be people talking about stocks and putting you to sleep, you will be wrong. You will be in for a personal, emotional, social, financial and spiritual transformation—it’s really quite powerful.
—Barbara Fernandez, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

I’ve owned four businesses in my life. If I’d known this back then, who knows what would have happened. I’m getting near sixty years old; if I’d done this in my 20s or 30s I would have saved myself a lot [of trouble].
—Annie Blackburn, Retired entrepreneur, Mount Vernon, Washington.

In terms of actionable intelligence, the Wealth Mastery summary may have helped me to expand my business up to $20-25 million more, real returns, in the last two years.
—Roger Suyama, Managing Director at VTB, Singapore

* Speakers, Location and Event Dates subject to change without notice.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your decision to attend is absolutely risk free. If after participating in the first half of any session of Mastery University you decide the event is not right for you, simply notify in writing to a designated official at the program and turn in your notebook and course materials. We will fully refund your tuition for that session of Mastery University. You have nothing to lose, and imagine what you will gain!