How to show customer love

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Many can claim they have the secret formula to business success, but one truth always remains: focus on your clients (or customers) and you are destined to win. Oftentimes, we are so focused on delivering a great product that we neglect what’s really important: our core customer. What good is a product or service if there is no one there to buy?

If your business is suffering or if you haven’t achieved the level of success you want, it’s time to ask yourself: “How do I love my customers more?” Your customer’s life is your business life. Get to know them well so you can deliver customer love that keeps them loyal and turns them into raving fans of your company.

So how do you love your clients? Make it all about them. When you focus on your clients’ needs, you will most certainly succeed. Here are Tony’s steps to “falling in love” with your client:

1. Forget about your product or service
2. Find out what your clients want/need
3. Focus on their needs

Listen to Tony explain this in his own words below:

Show customer love by forgetting about your product or service

To be a disruptor in your field, stop focusing on yourself. Success isn’t about falling in love with your products or services – it’s about focusing entirely on showing love for your clients. Customer needs change over time and when you love your products or services too much, you won’t be flexible enough to change what you offer to fit your market. When you stay flexible, you can turn problems into opportunities and always ensure you know the answer to “How can I love my customers more?”

Love your clients by finding out what they want/need

What issues are your clients facing that makes their lives more difficult or less fulfilling? What products or services do they wish were available but currently aren’t? Your ability to answer these questions with solutions shows plenty of customer love, with the added benefit of making your business talkably different. You can find out what your clients’ needs are by having them take surveys, using social media to generate conversations and doing market research.

Increase customer love by focusing on their needs

How can you uniquely address your customers’ needs with your products or services? Do you need to make tweaks to ensure they are user-friendly? Are you constantly innovating so your services evolve along with your customers’ needs? Create a cycle of constant feedback so you can always anticipate your customers’ future needs as well as address current ones. When you plan for the future, you’ll stay on top of social shifts and show customer love by addressing your customers’ needs before they are even aware of them.

You can answer the question “How can I show I love my customers?” by adhering to one rule: it’s not about you, it’s about them.

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