Shape your best year ever at the 2024 time to rise summit

Create a Success Plan for 2024 Live at This Free January Event with Tony Robbins
Become the Person You Were Meant to Be in 2024 With Tony Robbins on January 25-27

When… will you become the person, you were always meant to be?
When… will the world experience the true greatness that lies within you?
When… will you step up?

Now is the time!

It’s time… to wake up to who you truly are.
It’s time… to transform dreams into action.
It’s time… to stop settling for anything less and make today the start of your best year ever.
It’s time… to reach your next level, so you can do more, create more, share more, and give MORE.

Your “when” is NOW.

It’s time to rise.

This Free Summit Starts January 25-27, 2024, 11AM PT | 2PM ET.


During the Free 3-day Time to Rise Summit with Tony Robbins, You Will…
  1. Accelerate Your Journey Knowing You Are on the Right Path
    Get the brand new 7-step system to clarify your vision, verify your path and accelerate the journey that’s meant for you.
  2. Design a “2024 Results Plan” To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever
    Go from broad intentions to concrete actions that fill you with the confidence you need to stay committed during the year.
  3. Uncover and Break Through What’s Held You Back in the Past
    Gain critical insights into what’s held you back in the past, redesign your future and make the necessary shifts to make this your best year ever.
  4. Discover the Identity Shift That Will Empower Your Authentic Self
    Embrace and elevate the transformation of your exceptional self, crafting a life beyond ordinary and stepping into what you are truly capable of becoming.
  5. Maximize Your Potential with Proven “Science of Growth” Tools
    Get the #1 scientifically backed, Standford-proven strategy to rapidly achieve significant leaps in brief yet potent intervals and exponentially speed up success.
It’s Time for a Fresh Year, Fresh Start, Fresh You

There’s something uniquely inspiring about New Year’s. Each year, we feel compelled to reinvent ourselves – to become more, do more, share more, create more, and give more.

A fresh calendar brings a fresh start, a new perspective, new actions, and new results. It’s exciting, fun, and energizing. This is going to be YOUR year. So, what could possibly go wrong?

The reality, however, is stark. About 80% of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the second week of February. Most people talk more about their dreams and goals than following through achieving them.

We’re inviting you to join the few who do, not just those who talk. It starts with a clear 2024 plan – and not just any plan. This plan is backed by science and proven by millions worldwide. If you’re willing to commit just 3 hours a day for 3 days during the Time to Rise Summit, you will get your 2024 results plan for free.

If Not Now, When?

Can we agree that the world seems to have gone a bit crazy?

When you turn on the news, it feels as if we’re living in a time warp. It’s as though we’re moving backward rather than forward.

Yet, this turmoil has become the new normal for many of us.

In times like these, there is a critical need for leaders—those who not only awaken their true selves but also inspire those around them—becomes clear.

It’s not just about recognizing the chaos; it’s about rising above it.

During the free 3-day Time to Rise Summit, Tony Robbins will share strategies and tools designed to help YOU rise.

You’ll discover how to claim your true self and step into the massive opportunities that 2024 will offer you, if you know where to look.

This is more than a “free event.” It’s a wake-up call to embrace your potential… to level up for yourself and those around you.

Are You Going to Step Up or Are You Going to Stay in Place?

Whether you have a great life but want more or you’re tired of the status quo, this Summit is for YOU.

Here’s what you’ll get at the Time to Rise Summit, starting January 25, 2024 at 11AM PT | 2PM ET (same time daily)…

  • 3 action-packed days (just 3 hours a day) of virtual LIVE training with Tony Robbins, the world’s #1 life and business strategist
  • Proven systems to elevate all areas of your life (modeled on the most successful people in every conceivable industry, sport, and expertise)
  • Tools to supercharge your year and craft not just a results plan for 2024 but also a process you can use every year going forward
  • Access to a vibrant global community that will embrace, support, and propel you forward. There is nothing more powerful than having the right community at your back. And this community is like none other.
Here’s Why the Time to Rise Summit is 100% Free

Now is the time when leaders must come together to empower and support one another. That’s why Tony is generously sharing his proven tools and strategies at the Time to Rise Summit.

His only ask is that you bring all of yourself to the event and pass the wisdom onto others.

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