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Here’s What the Top 1% of Businesses Have in Common (and How You Can Be One of Them)

We all know our economic recovery absolutely depends on small businesses. But not all businesses are made equal. It’s high-growth businesses that will be essential to our upswing — a recent McKinsey study shows that 1 percent of US companies that are growing at the highest rate account for 40 percent of all net new jobs. Every industry has its high-growth entrepreneurs: from construction to energy to financial services to tech. And you’ll find them in every area of the country. These powerhouse businesses — which hire, innovate and expand at disproportionately high rates — make up between 1 and 5 percent of every business sector in today’s market.

Too often, good business people fail because they do the right thing at the wrong time. If you’re looking for the edge to thrive in any economy, I have spent three and a half decades collecting the best business strategies from the most brilliant minds in the world. Let me share them with you with my first-ever free online business course, The Ultimate Business Advantage. I designed it to help leaders of small- and medium-size businesses grow and expand even in volatile economic times. Here’s a sneak peek of our first session:

Like what you see? Take my complimentary offer to sign up today for a limited time. The first session is now available on demand.

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