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The Chess Master and the Computer

The Chess Master and the Computer – The New York Review of Books

Volume 57, Number 2 · February 11, 2010


I’m wanted to share an article with you – I know you’ve got a lot on your plate like I do, but it’s worth reading – this article was sent to me by a gentleman that I coach – he’s one of the top financial traders in the world, one of the top ten. He hasn’t lost money in the 18 years that I’ve been his coach; he gave me this article and said that it validated everything we’ve done together in the last 2 decades and everything I’ve taught him.

Do you remember the big competition between the greatest chess player in the world and the strongest computer, Deep Blue, and man narrowly defeated machine? And then in 1997, the same great mind was taken down by a doubly-strong Deep Blue machine and it was declared “a symbol of mankind’s submission before the almighty computer?”

Today, no one cares about these contests anymore because for $20 you can buy an application on your iPhone that will take down a grandmaster.

The article’s premise is – knowing the strength of computers today, what if you could take grand masters with the greatest knowledge in the game and you let them have the best computers available and you put them against computer programmers with decent computers?

Read the article: //www.nybooks.com/articles/23592 and leave a comment & let me know if you’re surprised by the result.

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