Outstanding Crew Members

Our Crew Community is made up of some of the greatest people you could ever meet. We appreciate the amazing hard work that our crew and we want to highlight some of our most outstanding Crew Members.

The people below represent the great quality of ordinary people that make up this Crew Community. We’ll let them tell you about their experience working on a live event.

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Brian and Veenu
It is always an honor to be able to come back to crew with each other at the events. We get to crew Date with Destiny, Business Mastery and at UPW we are on Fire Team. The reason we both enjoy crewing is that Tony has given us so much knowledge to transform our lives, this is one way we can come back and give to others during their transformations. We love the connections we make. It is like coming home to family every time we are able to crew an event. What we have found great about our crewing experience is how much it has taught us about flexibility. We have learned so many different positions, what some our strengths are, as well as our weaknesses. We are able to take what we learn at crew events, come back home and apply what we have learned. Together we have 6 kids total. Another crucial thing we have learned through crewing, that nothing can be done without team work, so we have been able to make “teams” at home that support us as well, so we can come “play” as we like to call it, with our TR family 3-5 times a year. Tony says, “proximity is power” So we keep coming back, to fill up and keep getting “recharged” with Power, seeing our old friends and making new ones! Our crew is our family! Nowhere in the world can you go and find such an amazing group of people that will accept you for who you are without the filters. So, in short, we come to crew because we love to serve others and we love be with family.

—Brian and Veenu Keller, Richlands, North Carolina

It has been my pleasure over the last 3 years to contribute to the Tony Robbins organization as a Crew member. Like so many, I, too, had a revolutionary life change as a result of being introduced to Mr. Robbins. The natural progression for me was to give back, and be surrounded by a group of people who shared the same passion for life and possibility.
Crewing has actually given me more immersion and more proximity than I could have ever experienced just attending an event, and more importantly, the relationships that I have created are priceless and will last a lifetime.
The most enjoyable experience on crew for me has always been witnessing transformation in action. Having a front-row seat to this awesome process brings me to tears every time. At a UPW event, the attendees are my special guests, I treat them like gold, really how I’d want to be treated in a perfect world. After day 3 they reward me with their energy and their love, for each other and to us as facilitators. My number one human need, love and connection overflows at these events, and it is highly addictive. When all is said and done, I’d rather be addicted to loving my fellow man than anything else.
I highly recommend the crew experience. You gain practical leadership skills, connect with new friends, and have a super good time doing it. I really could do this forever.

—Rohan Williams, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I knew by day 3 of my UPW in Chicago that I needed to crew. I had learned too much, seen too much immediate change to not give back to that environment. l applied to crew the first day I was eligible. I arrived in NY much like I had arrived in Chicago, a bag on my back, very little money in my pocket, and full of excitement. That weekend had a profound affect on my life.

I made friends that I will never forget, crew members and participants alike. I felt the energy of watching 5000 people commit to a new way of living. I met the people that make the magic happen, the people close to Tony who actively care for every participant during their journey. It opened my eyes to how much of a family event UPW truly is.

I learned to serve with joy that weekend. I am a fitness coach and the impact those lessons have had on my coaching and my clients has been profound. The lessons continue to spread and their reach is incalculable. Thank you.

—Dylan Parkes, Durham, North Carolina
Unleash The Power Within – November 2013

“Crewing is many things for me. Connecting with old friends and making new friends, interacting with the participants as they progress through the event from the hesitation at registration to the joy they feel when they complete the event and for me growing in myself as I try new tasks and step away from the familiar. I always return home with renewed self confidence and boundless energy. The crew at Business Mastery set the standard for crewing and was outstanding with everyone always ready to step in where ever needed always putting the participants’ outcomes first. This generosity of spirit by the crew made the event the best ever for both crew and participants.”

—Dixie Lee Melkus, Scottsdale, Arizona
Business Mastery – January 2010

From the moment I first experienced the dedication, unconditional love and selfless service of the crew, I knew I wanted to be like them. Crewing is such a special honour and privilege. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives – whether they are a participant, fellow crew member, or anyone involved in making the event happen. It’s about helping, and watching participants transform their lives; to connect with other crew members, and to step out of your comfort zone! To learn, and grow – to become more!

Some “magic moments” for me were the joy I felt when a participant came up and thanked me for making his wife feel comfortable when I registered them; the love and acceptance I experienced from the crew when I articulated what I needed; the energy from the participants while being a “door greeter” and then going around with the photographer to take the team photos. Finally, the fun I had while on the product table, playing with “Tanny”, a Foundation bear, and interacting with the participants and getting a beautiful smile from them!!!

—Illie Coughran
Date with Destiny Bali – April 2010

Being able to crew is such an amazing experience. I have been doing it for over five years now. I believe the most special part is being able to help others change their lives. We have all “firewalked” and know what that experience is like. To be able to help others “firewalk” over whatever is holding them back and come across to the other side transformed is magical.

Tony talks a lot about peer group. When you crew, you put yourself in a peer group that is playing life at a higher level. Not only do they understand the language, they are going to hold you accountable. I have met my dearest friends crewing and love seeing them again and again at each event. Crewing is all about serving, laughing, bonding, loving, learning and growing beyond you. Not only do you assist others in changing their lives, it will change your own.

—Stacy Long