Business Mastery

Scale your own empire
Amsterdam, NL | June 23 - 27, 2021

What is Business Mastery Europe?

Business Mastery Europe is an advanced workshop for entrepreneurs who are looking to scale up already successful businesses. Maybe you’ve hit a stumbling block or need to get your empire back on the track of exponential growth? Through a hands-on workshop using numbers from your own business, you’ll work side by side with Tony and a hand-selected a-list cast of business impresarios to dissect your processes and create a specific, actionable and massively effective plan for optimizing your business. You’ll identify inefficiencies that are costing you money and take a long, objective look at your organization’s value chain, find the weak links and develop solutions for mending them. Finally, through this transformational 5-day process, you’ll become a better negotiator. You’ll massively increase confidence and results in negotiations, close more deals with better margins and develop deeper relationships – all which will produce tangible results to improve your bottom line.

Why Tony Robbins for business?

– Tony Robbins is a partner in 55+ companies with combined annual sales of more than $6 billion per year.
– Robbins was named one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus” by Harvard Business Review.
– His companies have more than 1,200 employees across 8 sectors including biotech, finance and non-profit.
– Robbins is listed as “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World” by Accenture, and named one of the “Top 6 advisors to help clients take their business to the next level” by American Express.

Who is Business Mastery Europe For?

Entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level. Business Mastery is for you if you are:
– Ready to grow your empire
– Need to update your business or staffing plans
– Interested in learning the same techniques Tony Robbins uses to run his 56+ companies
– Unsure about your exit strategy

Why Business Mastery?

In just five days at Business Mastery, you’ll learn the tools, strategies and psychology to transform your business and achieve massive success. Tony Robbins and a roster of experts from around the world will share the expertise they’ve practiced and perfected through decades of experience – experience that you can leverage into geometric growth.

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Learn a systematic method to uncover and resolve every business problem that has not yet been solved by you and your team. By looking at your business through a new filter, you will discover what needs to be solved first and how to capture, categorize, and sequence your approach to build momentum and maximize success.


Know exactly where your business really is — not where you think it is. The competitive advantages that put you in business and made you successful in the first place are almost certainly not sustainable moving forward.


Realize the impact of your organization’s “Stage of Life.” Organizations, like living creatures, have stages of life — they are born, they age, they mature, and they die. Only by understanding where your business is in this cycle, can you anticipate, prepare and solve the inevitable challenges that will occur in your business in advance.


We brought together an exclusive group of individuals who have devoted their time and energy to helping entrepreneurs.


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Tony Robbins ranks among the "Top 200 Business Gurus"

Harvard Business Review

Tony Robbins ranks as one of the "Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World"


Tony Robbins named one of the top 6 advisors to help clients take their business to the next level

American Express

Business Mastery is where you take control of your business, massively increase profits, create sustainable growth and get your time back. All this, from world-leading experts in business, leadership, finance and marketing. In just 5 days. Can you afford NOT to be here?

Scale Your Billion Dollar Empire

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ArenA Boulevard 590
1101 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands
AFAS Live is located in the ArenAPoort in Amsterdam. View map here.


AFAS LIVE is about 20 minutes away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport via A4 or A9. It is approximately an hour away from the Rotterdam The Hague Airport via A4 or A12 and A2. Travel via public transportation is about one hour and 30 minutes.

From both airports you can travel to AFAS LIVE by public transport and by car.



The times below for the seminar are approximate times only.

Arrive: Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021
Start: Thursday, June 23rd, 2021
End: Monday, June 27th, 2021
Depart: Monday, June 28th, 2021

Daily Schedule

Day 1:
  • Uncover your business’ X Factor in order to maximize your value proposition
  • Discover the 5 Questions you must have answers to in order to get the business results you seek
  • Determine what stage your business is in its lifecycle to determine your specific next step
Day 2:
  • Pinpoint how to optimize and maximize your business for exponential growth through this intimate, hands on workshop
  • Apply Tony’s proprietary software to your specific business outcomes Create a specific, actionable and massively effective plan for optimizing your business designed for immediate implementation
Day 3:
  • Maximize your cash flow and direct the future of your portfolio with strategist Keith Cunningham
  • Understand and ignite the 12 critical principles of business finance
Day 4:
  • Gain an in depth understanding of Tony’s value chain concept
  • Discover the inefficient processes that are slowing your company down and preventing your clients from becoming raving fans
  • How to have effective value chain conversations if the value chain has been broken; how to restore value within your organization
Day 5:
  • Master facilitator Jeff Cochran gives you the secrets to negotiating more confidently
  • Achieve your desired business results while building relationships that lead to future deals

CLICK HERE to view a range of nearby accommodation options.
Contact the following email or phone number to reserve a room: or +44 (0) 20 7592 3050

Please note that this venue is located approximately 6 miles from
central Amsterdam, where you can tour its famous canals and
museums. It is a 15 or 30 minute trip via car or public transportation,


Dress casually and comfortably throughout the weekend. The room can be extremely cool, so please bring a light jacket or sweater.

Food & Drink

External food is NOT permitted inside the venue. There are eating facilities onsite at the venue. Or you can purchase food and eat food outside the venue, there are plenty of eating facilities close by. Please note, the AFAS Live venue is a cashless venue, food and
drinks can be paid via credit card or by purchasing a pre-paid venue catering voucher. AFAS Live does NOT accept American Express

There are water fountains onsite, so please bring your own refillable water bottle.

The Business Mastery Experience

In order to maximize your Business Mastery experience, it is important that you:

  • Show up on time
  • Play full out
  • Bring your team with you so you are able to implement a cultural shift company wide
  • Bring a printed copy of your most recent tax return or financial statement. Working with your own real numbers will help you create customized strategies for the growth of your business.

We have incorporated time in the program for you to partake in a mid-day snack break.

Business Mastery

Business Mastery

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frequently asked questions

How much is the event?

Price points vary depending on participation. Programs you may have already completed, the number of people in your group, seating type, and timing of purchase determine this. Please contact a Business Mastery Representative at 1-866-696-0679 to learn more about Business Mastery program pricing.

I want to bring associates or vendors I work with. Is there a discounted rate? Group rates?

We have discounted rates for business owners/entrepreneurs/etc. who’d like to bring a team with them. Depending on the number of attendees and the time of purchase will impact group pricing. Please contact a Business Mastery Representative at 1-866-696-0679 for Group Discounts.

What is the breakdown of each day? Can I get a copy of the curriculum?

Unfortunately the curriculum will not be distributed in advance. Tony is a firm believer in “Full Immersion.” The five days will be a deep dive into your business, evaluating where you are and where you want to be, and learning the strategies that will get you there. At the end of the Business Mastery program, you will be a master of Tony’s 7 Forces that you can apply to your business to see real change. Visit the About Page to learn more about the 7 Forces of Business Mastery.

What is the Million Dollar Money Back Guarantee?

If after the FULL FIRST day of Business Mastery you don’t feel that you have received $1 million dollars of value, simply hand in your name badge and workbook and we will refund you for the full ticket price.

Will Tony be there in person? Is he speaking every day of the event?

You better believe he will! Tony is the main speaker and will be on stage and fully in action every single day. We usually have 4-6 influential guest speakers at our Business Mastery event, so you’ll also hear from some of the best and most brilliant in business, whom Tony has personally advised and selected.

How long is the event? How many hours per day are we in session?

A traditional Business Mastery event is 5 days of full immersion. The program itself is a 12-month commitment that promises real results. Tony is an “Outcome” driven individual–what this means is that each day, programming will go as late and long as is necessary to meet the group’s outcomes! (You’re absolutely going to get your money’s worth.) Some nights will end at 10 PM; some have gone as late as 2 in the morning. If you’re making travel arrangements, we recommend you schedule your flight for the following day. The last day of the event is critical and you don’t want to leave early to catch a flight.

Do I need to attend other events prior to applying for Business Mastery? Are there any prerequisites?

No, with Business Mastery we start from the beginning—with figuring out who and where you are as a business. However, you do need to be a business owner, entrepreneur, and/or someone that wants to radically improve your business. If you are interested in one day running your own business, we highly encourage you to attend and start with the right tools and strategies in hand.

Will food and accommodations be included?

Food and accommodations are not included with the price of your ticket. However, we do contract with hotels in the surrounding area to provide special rates for attendees. Additionally, there are multiple places to eat near the exposition space.

What should I bring to the event?

We suggest bringing layers of clothing, as the event space can get very cold! Bring a pad of paper and pen, and most importantly, bring an open mind.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is business casual, but do dress comfortably. These are long hours and you’ll be moving a bit. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and bring a sweater or jacket.

Is there upgraded seating?

Yes! If you’re interested in upgrading your seat(s), make sure to speak with a Business Mastery Representative at 1-866-696-0679 for details. We have a limited number of upgraded Diamond seats, which provides early entry and seats at the front of the room. Proximity is Power! If you want the best experience possible, upgrade to Diamond.