Date With Destiny

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Embark on a journey – 6 days LIVE with Tony in a supportive environment of total immersion! At Date With Destiny you won't simply discover who you are — you will decide and create your own life-changing experience. Connect with your ultimate purpose and ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health and relationships. You will gain a clear and deep understanding of what truly motivates you; thoughts, feelings and behaviors and build toward your own personal breakthrough.

2017 Dates & Location Coming Soon

Date With Destiny

Florida | December 5-10, 2017


Picture of Danielle Cassidy

Danielle Cassidy


Date With Destiny unleashed everything inside of me...now I know the tools that I need to move forward. I am stronger, and there is a future for me better than anything I could ever imagine.

Picture of Derek Hough

Derek Hough

dancer | actor | choreographer

Date with Destiny is a life-changing experience...you grow so much, so fast, that you literally don’t recognize the person you were from the first day.

Picture of Keith Campbell

Keith Campbell

Celebrity Hairstylist

Date With Destiny is the reason why someone would want to run into the future with all of the confidence, all of the passion, all of the trust; and be totally naked and don’t care.

Picture of Sam Rigby

Sam Rigby

Business Owner

This has been amazing in helping me understand how to be feminine and what vulnerability looks like. It has also helped my relationship with my husband get back on track.