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Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, what drives you in life? Do you find yourself questioning your purpose? At Date With Destiny, you’ll learn the answers to these questions and gain so much more. This internationally successful event has helped millions to achieve the lives they previously only dreamed were possible. Over the course of six days, at Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins will help you find the answer, providing you tools to reshape your destiny and design the life of your dreams.

If it is more fulfillment, more passion or more happiness that you are seeking, then Date With Destiny is the right event for you. You’ll start by gaining an understanding of why you do the things you do while discovering the unique values and motivations that shape how you think, feel and behave. You’ll identify the triggers that create pain and pleasure in your life and learn the strategies to eliminate pain for good, while also learning to adopt the mindset that pain isn’t permanent – pain can actually be a gift from which we can learn a great deal.

As Tony says, it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Make the decision to shape your own destiny – discover your purpose in life and learn what truly motivates you. Realign your values and start living the life you desire and deserve.

Derek Hough's story | Date With Destiny

Date with Destiny is a life-changing experience…you grow so much, so fast, that you literally don’t recognize the person you were from the first day.

Derek Hough | Professional Dancer

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What Tony Has to Say About Date With Destiny

I know this may seem like a lofty promise, but I can tell you after working with over 3.5 million people from an unbelievably diverse population that there are certain patterns that cause people to succeed or fail – that create enormous levels of pleasure or unbearable levels of pain. I’ve had the opportunity to live my own life and make my own mistakes. My personal experiences – the highs, lows, ups and downs – inspired me to create Date With Destiny. I developed the program so I could share the patterns I identified in my life to help other people. My purpose is to eliminate unnecessary pain and to enhance joy in people’s live. I’ll share how I discovered my purpose and teach you how to find yours. Join me and the ranks of others I’ve helped over the years as I show you how to discover similar patterns in your life and teach you how to shape your own destiny at Date with Destiny.

It was only a few years ago that I found myself in a position where I had raised four kids whom I adore, I was receiving hundreds of letters a week from people thanking me for the tools I’ve given them to help turn their lives around, I had taken my company public and watched my net worth rise to over $400 million in a single day. Yet, months later, I was speaking in front of a crowd of 18,000 people I loved and wanted to serve, and, for the first time in my life, I had the experience of feeling extraordinarily sad and empty inside.At this time, I reevaluated where I had come from, the factors that impacted my journey, and I asked myself what is my purpose in life.

While the process wasn’t easy, what I learned in the months that followed allowed me to uncover the true source of my challenges. Today, while my life is far from perfect, one of the greatest gifts I have is my absolute certainty that the joy I feel is here to stay. In addition, through these lessons and experiences, I have been able to create an extraordinary relationship with my beloved wife, Sage, who has given me love, passion, joy, gratitude and fulfillment beyond anything I have ever known.

The unraveling of the distinctions, tools and principles that made this possible for me has been one of the most important lessons of my life and I feel privileged to have the opportunity at Date with Destiny to share with you some of the answers I’ve found. Most important, this is not a process that requires any of us to change who we are, rather the lessons I learned all stem from having the courage to be myself, no matter what the context.

To that end, Date With Destiny is a unlike any of our other programs. More than anything, it will cause you to think from your heart and to put the stake in the ground for who you are and what you are committed to in your life. Whether you simply want to make some small distinctions to take your life to the next level or whether you come to reclaim your life and what drives you, you will be rewarded if you take the first step.

Live with passion!

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