Life and Wealth Mastery

Fiji | January 22 - 28, 2021


Rejuvenate your soul, while nourishing your body and empowering your mind amidst an awe-inspiring tropical paradise. Life & Wealth Mastery unites highly motivated achievers with advanced instructors in finance, productivity and personal development to create a truly immersive, transformative experience unlike any traditional resort or vacation. This is no mere getaway — Life & Wealth Mastery is an experience with great purpose.

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Revitalize Your Body

Discover the strategies & nutrients to balance your body, cleanse your system and obtain lasting health from experts in physiology and psychology. Create daily practices to maintain a new level of vitality.

Develop Emotional Strength

Overcome emotions and thoughts that aren’t serving you. Learn to shift your emotions in an instant and approach any situation with calmness and confidence.

Increase Your Wealth

Model the successful strategies of the wealthy to become not just financially independent, but financially free. Embrace the lifestyle you desire and deserve.


Empower your mind with cutting-edge insights from today’s most advanced instructors in health, wellbeing, finance and productivity. The following list represents the latest speakers in our 2018 roster and is subject to change.

Dr. Mark Hyman

Founder & Director of UltraWellness Center, Chairman of The Institute for Functional Medicine

Dr. Udo Erasmus

Creator of Udo's Choice & International authority on fats, oils and health

Kathy Buckley

America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne, Author

John Maguire

Founder & Director of Kinesiology Institute

Edwin Coppard

Pioneer in the field of voice and connection, Best-selling author

Dr. Steven Gundry

M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C., one of "America's Top Doctors"

Robyn O'Brien

Founder of AllergyKids

Lucia Horan

Internationally-recognized teacher of 5Rhythms® and Insight meditation

Master Stephen Co.

Certified Master Pranic Healer and expert in Arhatic Yoga

Brian Bradley

VP Postural Therapy Protocol, Egoscue Inc.

Derek Zemmin

Lead Nutrition Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Michael Smorch

Expert Investor, CIO of GNS Global, Growth & Fusion Funds

Keith Cunningham

American entrepreneur, international speaker and acclaimed author

Dean Graziosi

Expert real estate investor, entrepreneur, author and trainer

Dr. Peter Diamandis

Chairman and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation

Ajay Gupta

Chief Investment Strategist

Paul Siderovski

Financial Strategist

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Namale Resort & Spa


Hibiscus Hwy, Savusavu, Fiji

Event Information


Thurs., January 21at 1:00pm – 6:00pm in the Event Center
WEALTH MASTERY ONLY: Tues., January 26at 8:00 – 9:00 AM in the Event Center

COLONICS: Thurs., July 21 at 1:00pm – 6:00pm in the Event Center


DAILY: 8:00am – 11:00pm
A break in the afternoon is scheduled each day, allowing participants to enjoy spa treatments, colonic cleansing, relax or enjoy the environment.

*Please note times are approximate and subject to change.

Event Info Sheet

Daily Schedule

Let the Journey Begin

Discover the awe-inspiring sense that you can accomplish anything and lay the foundation for your transformation. Rip open your limitations and discover your inner strength as you climb a 50-foot pole. Empower your mind and begin revitalizing your health as you receive expert advice from Tony’s hand-selected speakers and some the most advanced minds in health and well-being.

Cleanse & Emotional Mastery

Master your emotions and identify underlying patterns that have held you back in the past. Develop the conviction to take control of your health. Eliminate unhealthy cravings and behaviors as you cleanse and detox. Discover the healing power of raw foods, vitamin-rich smoothies and nutrient packed vegan cuisine and soon find yourself with a new level of focus, alertness and vitality similar to your youth.

Revitalize & Regenrate - Mind & Body Mastery

Activate your body, open your mind and excite your spirit with the help of experts like Pranic Healer Master Co. Learn nutritional lifestyle changes that will put you on the path to your best health. Deep dive in a bonus Relationship break-out session to explore topics like your ideal mate; a profound exercise whether you’re single, dating, or married.

Integration & Contribution: Creating Your New Life Plan

Create a personalized life plan by integrating all you have learned into a practical format sure to ignite a passion for accelerated wellness. Get moving with fitness expert Jon Hinds and learn from Art Berg on how to take difficult experiences and turn them to your advantage.

The Psychology of Wealth

Master your psychology, and learn the psychological tools and strategies used by the top financial minds on the planet. Learn how to take advantage in any economic environment through Asset Allocation, and gain insights about the top 4 guiding principles that Tony discovered through his interviews for Money: Master the Game.

Creating a Plan the Works

Own your financial future! Understand where you are in the lifecycle of wealth, and hear from Tony’s personal financial advisor, Ajay Gupta. Learn the 5 Financial dreams and receive your personalized plan.

Financial Growth & Alternative Strategies

Grow your understanding of alternative financial vehicles, like real estate and hear from Futurist Peter Diamandis on why the future is brighter than you think.

Arrival & Departure

Life & Wealth Mastery –
Arrive: January 21
Event: January 22 – 28
Depart: January 29

Life Mastery ONLY –
Arrive: January 21
Event: January 22 – 25
Depart: January 26

Wealth Mastery ONLY –
Arrive: January 25
Event: January 26 – 28
Depart: January 29


Nadi, Fiji is your first Fijian destination. From Nadi, Fiji, you will take a short 60-minute inter-island flight to Savusavu or a short 45-minute inter-island flight to Labasa airport, on the northern island of Vanua Levu. Please make your flight reservations from your point of origin all the way through to Savusavu or Labasa airports. When flying to Fiji from the United States, you will cross the International Dateline and “lose” a day. You “make-up” this day when returning. Because of this change, depending on the departure date and airline, nearly all flights from the USA will arrive in Fiji very early the second day after the date of your departure. In exploring different options and rates, those participants traveling from Australia and Singapore can obtain better fares to Fiji than we can from the United States. If our international clients need assistance with the short inter-island flight, Frosch Travel can assist. However, if you make your own arrangements, please fill in your flight information on our Travel Planning Form. If arriving at the airport in Savusavu our staff will transfer you to the Wasawasa Conference Centre. If arriving at Labasa airport you will have a beautiful 1 ½ hour taxi ride through the rainforest to arrive at the Wasawasa Conference Centre. Taxis can be shared by participants and will cost approximately $125 USD each way.

Weight restrictions — Please be aware that all Fiji Airways interisland flights are weight restricted for safety reasons and that depending on load, bags may not travel on same flights as passenger. For more information, please visit the Fiji Airways website: baggage-allowances/

Travel Insurance – We strongly recommend you purchase Travel Insurance for unexpected circumstances such as: needing to cancel your trip, missing connections, flight cancellations, baggage loss, weather damage and other travel issues. These services may be obtained from a variety of different service providers. We suggest you research different companies or consult with your Professional Travel Agent to identify the best coverage for you.

Ground Transportation

The Life & Wealth Mastery staff will greet you at the Savusavu airport and take you to the Namale Resort & Spa or the Wasawasa Conference Centre (depending on your accommodation.) This is a short 20-minute ride where you will pass through an authentic, traditional Fijian village.


All participants: Please check with the Fijian Embassy or Consulate in your country for passport and visa information. If your itinerary contains international flights, it is the sole responsibility of each passenger in the itinerary to have the proper documents for entry/re-entry into a country. To obtain documentation requirements, contact the embassy or consulate of all countries involved in your itinerary, including all countries in which you may be transiting.

Currency Exchange

Assistance with currency exchange is available at:


If you need any, please bring an extra supply, as, again there’s no corner drug store if you run out!

Emergency Medical Travel Coverage.
We strongly recommend that you obtain coverage for emergency medical situations should you become sick or injured during your trip. Even if your regular medical insurance policy covers services in foreign countries, medical facilities and emergency medical transportation services often will not accept your insurance as a form of payment.
About Namale

For the ultimate life-transforming experience, consider staying at Tony Robbins’ personal tropical hideaway, Namale Resort & Spa in Vanua Levu, Fiji during your Life & Wealth Mastery event. A stunning 525-acre peninsula, this precious gem, called Namale, sits regally on the edge of the Koro sea and offers three miles of oceanfront that spreads into a magical rain forest of giant ferns and rushing waterfalls.

Enjoy luxury accommodations, private beaches and a state-of-the-art spa and wellness center. In your free time, you can snorkel on an untouched reef, hike to a jungle waterfall or explore a traditional Fijian village. During your stay, you’ll experience endless activities including water sports and indulgent spa treatments, and you’ll be moved by the warm hospitality of the Fijian people.

When your Life & Wealth Mastery experience comes to an end, you will turn home from this paradise with a fire in your soul that can never be extinguished. You will find yourself excited to share the genuine warmth and joy for life that you’ve adopted from the Fijian people as you absorb the fact that you’ve been blessed to revitalize and renew your very soul in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

In this magical place for rejuvenation you will also enjoy:
–A 10,000-square-foot spa constructed from native palm wood, rock and palm thatch to complement its natural surroundings
–Indulgent treatments from around the world
–Ancient aromas and soothing rhythms that will help guide you on your journey to serenity and relaxation

Pricing Packages

Namale is Tony and Sage’s home, personal retreat and hideaway, and the #1 Resort & Spa in The Fiji Islands. Inspired by traditional Fijian “bures” (thatched roof bungalow), each unique accommodation is tucked among towering palms, flowering plumeria trees and bright hibiscus, creating a one-of-a-kind experience unmatched anywhere in the South Pacific region. This 5-star resort is the ultimate luxurious retreat that guarantees the ultimate Life & Wealth Mastery experience.



The electricity at the Wasawasa Conference Centre is 240 volts, 50 cycles AC, so participants from the U.S. and Canada will need converters and adapters for any electrical appliances you bring. Fiji and Australia are on the same voltage and outlet system, so if you need to buy converters, ask for the same kind as you’d need in Australia.

Food (Cleansing Program)

The Cleansing Program is an integral part of your experience at Life & Wealth Mastery. For those staying at Namale or Wasawasa, the Cleansing Program is included in your onsite accommodations. Generally, any non-pregnant person in good health should be able to complete this cleanse program (raw foods, wheat grass, vegetable and fruit juices).

If for medical reasons, including pregnancy, you feel you cannot cleanse, please contact your Wealth Mastery team at  lifewealthaccommodations@tonyrobbins.comWe do not recommend intense workouts during the cleanse.


COMFORTABLE, COOL & CASUAL is the rule for Fiji. The culture is modest, which means that at meals, shirts and cover- ups are necessary. Bring your bathing suits, but when you’re not swimming please cover up. Shorts and anything cool are ideal. For shoes, please bring at least one pair of athletic shoes for events that will occur on-site. For the evenings, you’ll want some long pants or long-sleeved t-shirts in case it’s cool or the mosquitoes are friendly.

Spa & Colonic Treatments

During Life Mastery you will be able to enjoy the Namale Spa and Sanctuary which offers world-class treatments designed to support you during the Cleansing Program. We recommend colonics at Life Mastery. These Colonics and spa treatments are available at an additional cost.

Additional Information


All event tuition fees must be paid 60 days in advance. We are not equipped to receive event tuition payments at the Wasawasa Conference Centre. Participants arriving in Fiji without having paid tuition in full in advance will not be admitted to the event and will not be able to check into the resort.

Important Paperwork

All questionnaires and signed Terms and Conditions must be received by us no later than 60 days prior to the start of your Life & Wealth Mastery program. Due to the limited availability of flights and accommodations at the Wasawasa Conference Centre, all hotel reservations and flights to Fiji must be made and reported to our office no later than 60 days prior to the start of your Life & Wealth Mastery program. Participants who fail to reserve their travel and accommodations 60 days in advance will be responsible for event transfer fees or forfeiture of attendance at Life & Wealth Mastery if the travel or hotel resources are no longer available for their confirmed event dates. If the event you wish to attend is within the 60 days time frame please contact our Personal Results Coordinator team.


Feel free to bring new or used toys, clothing and/or school supplies for children who live in the villages. You will have the opportunity to attend local Sunday church services; afterward, donations for children — from infants to teens — are gratefully accepted. Please note that shopping is extremely limited in Savusavu, and we suggest you pack any donations with you. We appreciate your generosity.