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What is Executive Coaching?

Would you expect Serena Williams to win 23 Grand Slam titles without some amazing coaching? Would Misty Copeland have become American Ballet Theatre’s first African American principal dancer without a great teacher or two in her past? Coaching is the norm when it comes to athletes, dancers and entertainers – so why should executives be any different?

The good news is that the popularity of executive coaching has skyrocketed over the past decade, bringing this once-unknown practice into corporate offices and C-suites everywhere. But there are still a lot of misconceptions. What is executive coaching? How exactly does it work? And how do you find the right one?

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What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a highly individualized strategy to develop top talent and make big gains in all areas of a business. It’s usually used for senior management and C-suite positions, but can also be used to tap potential leaders further down the corporate ladder. The definition of an executive coach is someone who has a one-on-one relationship with such an executive or potential leader, that is intended to benefit the executive by increasing their performance and helping them reach untapped levels of success.

Executive business coaching helps a company’s leaders identify their goals, understand the best way to approach challenges and consider the highly complex decisions that make up their day-to-day jobs. In the high-pressure world of the executive, coaching is a way to take a step back, pause and examine all of the options – an essential tool for any leader. Executive coaching can also work on skills such as changing leadership styles, communicating effectively and more in order to be a better manager and leader in the office.

How does executive business coaching work?

Executive business coaching includes a variety of strategies that are designed to help optimize workplace efficiency and communication, including self-help training, behavioral techniques, goal-setting and identifying and filling skill gaps. The end goal is that the executive feels confident in their decisions, able to handle a variety of professional problems and ready to empower those around them.

Tony Robbins’ executive coaching focuses on identifying and reaching both short- and long-term goals, as well as providing leaders with the strategies they need to replicate that success in the future. Executive coaching from Tony Robbins also helps working professionals build out their scope of vision and add value to their executive toolbox and education. It takes a total immersion approach and uses cutting-edge strategies, tools and metrics to show you and your team how to meet and exceed standards set by Fortune 500 companies.

Tony Robbins is an experienced executive coach who teaches his executive partners how to understand and address their own intentions, goals and needs instead of issuing simple “how to” instructions. It’s a tailored, results-based program that provides positive growth for the individual – and for the organization as a whole. Because what is executive coaching if not a journey toward maximizing your own personal power?

Why is executive coaching important?

Trailblazing a career in the C-suite or upper management levels of a company isn’t easy. Executive coaching can help you limit the number of dilemmas you face in the first place by improving communication, defusing conflicts and asking the right questions that will illuminate the big picture. And it can help you overcome the challenges you do face with poise and grace, while always looking to the future and keeping your goals for the company firmly in sight.

Executive coaching also teaches essential leadership skills you need to optimize your business growth. Although many people have leadership qualities inside themselves, leadership is not something that comes naturally to everyone. However, it is a skill and talent developed over time that can be strengthened by working with a professional.

Think of leadership not as something you’re born with, but a muscle that’s developed over time. And developing leadership within your company is the only way to truly create organizational turnaround. Your metrics will reveal that executive coaching gets results that will benefit not only your personal growth, but the success of your organization as a whole.

Most of all, executive business coaching allows you to bring out the best in your own team. After you’ve worked with a coach, you’ll be able to relay their strategies and lessons to team members at all levels of your organization, to foster better performance and develop your employees’ skill sets. Executive coaching is most successful when the executive is able to pass on what he or she has learned to the rest of their team, turning the standard employee team into a well-oiled machine driven by top performers.

What makes a great executive coach?

So what is executive coaching at the highest levels? The definition of a great executive coach is one who is experienced, skillful, communicative and clear about their process. A great coach will be able to answer any of your questions with real-life examples of how they’ve helped others, step-by-step guidance through their process or examples of leadership skills they will be able to teach you. They’ll be able to point to previous clients they’ve helped and show you measurable results.

The best executive coaching starts with you, the individual, but it doesn’t stop there. Skilled coaches will listen to your concerns and challenges, and also gather feedback from team members and managers to create a full picture and help you pinpoint any blind spots. Importantly, the best coaches are ethical and trustworthy. They keep confidentiality agreements and operate within the standards of the industry.

Each Tony Robbins executive coach was hand-selected by Tony himself, who also trains his coaches personally. The Tony Robbins executive coaching program prides itself on having the best coaches you can get. Here are a few testimonials from people who have received executive coaching services from Tony:

“Tony Robbins provides an amazing vehicle for looking at your life, mapping out a mission and determining what’s holding you back and what you need to move forward. Tony tapped into my soul and helped me see my life’s work more clearly.” Donna Karan, Legendary Fashion Designer

“I’ve had a lot of teachers and mentors over the years, and believe me, there is no one better than Tony Robbins.” John McCormack, 1988 Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc. Magazine

You already know how competitive your business is. You already know you have the potential and drive to achieve massive success, but you also know you could use a little help getting there. Your next step is to discover what executive coaching is and how it can take your business to the next level. Turn to Tony Robbins executive coaching and learn from the best.

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