The keys to spiritual wellness

Achieve the highest level of life mastery with these 5 strategies

We’re fortunate that wellness is beginning to take center stage in our society. Self-care is all the rage. Mental health is finally getting the awareness it deserves. We’re taking the time to focus on personal growth and ditching the “hustle” for more time with our families. But there’s one area that isn’t getting as much attention: spiritual wellness.

Your overall wellness is made up of several different components that work together to determine the quality of your life. There’s physical health, which means eating right and exercising so you have energy and vitality. There’s emotional health, or the ability to recognize and regulate your emotions in a productive manner. There’s mental health, which is a combination of chemicals in your brain and your attitude toward life. And finally there’s spiritual health, or knowledge of your beliefs, values and purpose in life.  

To truly achieve your peak state, you must master all of these dimensions – yet in our fast-paced society, spiritual wellness is often forgotten. Don’t make that mistake. Learning how to improve spiritual health will lead to a more fulfilling life.

What is spiritual health?

Spiritual health is an understanding and acceptance of your connection to the world and your place in it. It’s the certainty that your life has a higher purpose – a purpose that goes beyond physical “things” and short-term happiness. That life happens for you, not to you. Spiritual wellness is the desire to do good, to live with gratitude and to bring positivity to the world.

What is spiritual health not? This question is just as vital if you’re wondering how to improve spiritual health. Spiritual wellness may or may not include religion – that is a personal choice every individual must make. It is not a set of rules, regulations or norms. Yet it is also not a green light to do whatever you want, regardless of others’ feelings. There is no one path to spiritual wellness, but it always involves living your life with balance and purpose.

Why is spiritual wellness important?

When you achieve spiritual wellness, you have made peace with your life. You look at obstacles as opportunities and know that no matter what happens, it is all a part of the journey. This mindset allows you to be flexible and adaptable, solving problems as they arise. These skills in turn help you achieve your goals faster, create healthy relationships, make tough decisions and be fully present to enjoy your life.

Spiritual wellness uses the law of attraction to create a cycle of positivity in your life. When you emanate positivity and peace, you bring more of it into your life. When you have a healthy relationship with yourself, you’ll attract others who also respect you. When you lead from the heart, you invite others to do the same. So what is spiritual health, really? It’s everything.

spiritual health

How to improve spiritual health

Spiritual wellness is the highest level of life mastery. It’s more difficult to achieve than physical or emotional health. That’s why “contribution and spirituality” are at the pinnacle of Tony Robbins’ Pyramid of Mastery. It isn’t easy to achieve, but with these spiritual wellness activities, it is possible.

1. Connect with your purpose

If you’re living life without a sense of purpose, you’re bound to feel unfulfilled, aimless and even hopeless. Your purpose gives your life direction and meaning, connecting you to the knowledge that life isn’t about “me,” it’s about “we.” It’s about serving something greater than yourself. So what is your purpose in life? Discovering how to improve spiritual wellness involves deep self-reflection about your needs, values and beliefs and what brings you the most joy.

2. Create spiritual habits

The first spiritual wellness activities that come to mind for many of us are probably meditation and yoga. They’ve become popular and they are proven to work, so if these activities appeal to you, make them a part of your daily routine. You can use Tony’s priming exercise to incorporate elements of meditation, visualization and incantations. Spiritual habits can also include things like walking in nature, gardening, reading, journaling, creating art, listening to music and more. Any activity that gives you an opportunity for self-reflection and makes you feel at peace is an opportunity to improve your spiritual wellness.

3. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to notice, focus on and fully feel whatever is happening in the moment. It also involves making conscious decisions based on how your actions affect others. When you are mindful, you are fully present in your life and make ethical decisions according to your values – two essential components of spiritual wellness. To practice mindfulness, start paying attention to your emotions, your body and the way you interact with others. Get off your phone and get away from social media. Practice deep listening with your loved ones and make time for what matters most: your relationships.

4. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

While meditation or yoga may not be for you, gratitude is one habit everyone needs to adopt. As Tony says, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” The first step is to examine the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Instead of giving in to these negative thoughts, replace them with empowering ones. Make a list of everything you have to be grateful for. Reframe negative experiences and ask yourself, “What is the opportunity here?” Remember, spiritual wellness is a mindset, but it’s also a set of actions you can take every day.

5. Give back

Giving back is one of the most powerful spiritual wellness activities. It reminds us of all the things we have to be grateful for, and it fulfills some of our deepest human needs, like significance and contribution. Whether you donate time, money or skills, giving back connects you to your community and to your purpose in ways nothing else can. You won’t just answer the question, “What is spiritual health?” – you’ll experience it for yourself. 

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