9 things to be passionate about

What are you passionate about? The answer doesn’t always come easy. Finding your passion is often a journey of self-discovery – one that reveals not only what you love, but who you really are. It’s a journey that can take us to unexpected places. Yet finding things to be passionate about is a journey that every human being must undertake if they want to live a life of fulfillment, meaning and purpose.  

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Why you need to find things to be passionate about

The things people are passionate about are what gets them out of bed in the morning. Passion is what drives us. It helps us build our goals and dreams. It’s how we determine our purpose in life and why we do the work to get there. Without passion – for our friends and family, for creating beauty, for giving back, for serving a higher purpose – our lives are meaningless and unfulfilling. 

Life has many gifts, and passion is at the center of many of them. It informs how we choose to pursue the gift of growth, committing to constant and never-ending improvement. It’s the foundation for the gift of connection. And without it, we could never experience the gift of joy

Finding things to be passionate about also has real physical and emotional benefits. Doing things we love can help reduce stress, improve our energy levels and increase our creativity, boosting our engagement both at work and in life. When we do what we love, we are completely, absolutely present in the moment – and that’s priceless. 

9 things to be passionate about

As real estate mogul and businesswoman Barbara Corcoran so famously and succinctly put it: “You can’t fake passion.” You must find what ignites that fire within you. What are you passionate about? What sparks your imagination? What do you care the most about? Here are 9 ideas to get you started. 

1. Personal growth

Growth is one of our Six Human Needs – the deep needs that we must meet in order to feel fulfilled. That’s why it is so addictive, and why it’s one of the top things people are passionate about. There are numerous ways you can work on your personal growth: Learn a new skill, like playing an instrument or speaking a new language. Feed your mind with new information. Create empowering habits that propel you toward your dreams. 

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2. Creative pursuits

Work may be the economic engine of the world, but art is its soul. Music connects with us in a way nothing else can. Storytelling has an inexplicable power. Paintings bring us the gift of emotion. It’s no surprise that people throughout history have considered art one of the greatest things to be passionate about. Improve your creativity, make beautiful things and share them with the world.  

3. Mindfulness

When was the last time you were truly present in the moment? When was the last time you felt unbridled joy at a sunset or a song? Practicing mindfulness isn’t just a pastime. It’s a passion that will encompass your whole life. Start with a priming exercise or a meditation practice. Do yoga to bring awareness to your body. Live with intention and watch your whole life change. 

4. New experiences

To ignite your passion, you must get out of your comfort zone. As Tony Robbins says, “It is in the realm of uncertainty that your passion is found.” Uncertainty is another human need, but it is often overpowered by our need for certainty. Whether you take up traveling, rock climbing, skydiving or going to every new restaurant in town, you can balance those two needs – and crush your fears, too.

5. Your career

Investor Ray Dalio advises you to “Make your passion and your work the same thing,” and many of us agree: In our career-driven world, work often tops the list of things people are passionate about. We spend eight hours a day there, and we want jobs that provide us with meaning. Finding passion in work takes time, effort and guts. You’ll need to be willing to take risks, but the rewards are worth it. 

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6. Your family

As you search for things to be passionate about, be sure you’re not distracting yourself from what matters most in life: your loved ones. Your children need you. Your partner needs you. Your parents need you. Dedicating yourself to them is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Carve out family time frequently and give your all. They’ll appreciate it.  

7. Your relationship

Passion in relationships is essential, yet we often let it fall by the wayside. We get distracted by our career and family, and before we know it our partnership has turned into a friendship. Reigniting your relationship is one of the most important things to be passionate about. You’ll discover a level of intimacy, understanding and support you never knew was possible. 

8. Your well-being

You would do anything for your family. You want to give them the world. Yet as the saying goes, “You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” You must be passionate about another person as well: yourself. Feed your body the right fuel. Find exercise you enjoy. Take a relaxing bath, start a journal, put on your favorite song and dance around. Make time for self-love so that you can make time for others. 

9. Giving back

Contribution is another of the Six Human Needs. Along with growth, it is one of the most powerful. Giving back makes us feel significant. It reminds us how much we have to be grateful for. It allows us to escape our scarcity mindset and adopt an attitude of gratitude. And when we are grateful – when we give to others even when we don’t have much – fear disappears, abundance appears and we discover the answer to the question “What are you passionate about?”

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