Plans to help you grow

How would you like to see yourself develop as a person? Are you interested in making more money and developing your professional career? Do you want to master a new skill or get in better shape? What about deepening your personal relationships? Do you want to become a better friend, spouse or parent? Is there a personal development plan example or personal development plan template you can access to give you a better idea of how to achieve your goals?

No matter how you’d like to grow as a person, creating a personal development plan is one of the best ways to unlock an extraordinary life. As technology continues to evolve and people begin to place more importance on mindfulness, you can expect that creating a personal development plan in the future will look different than it does today. Here are some things to consider when creating your personal development plan so you can integrate meaningful strategies into your life that work with your short and long-term goals.

Online resources

As the world becomes more digitized, so do its resources. You no longer have to go to physical meet-up groups or classes in order to gather information about the things you’re interested in. Curious to learn more about finance? You can access financial resources online that teach you everything you need to know about stocks and investments. Interested in learning a new skill, like how to speak Japanese or play the guitar? The Internet is chock-full of tutorials and lessons that you can instantly access and easily further your personal development plan.

To reach your personal development goals, try using tools like podcasts and audiobooks to help you learn more about relationships or your career. You can even find audio or video tools that offer workouts to kick-start your health plan. There are already an overwhelming number of digital tools you can incorporate into your personal development plan and this trend will continue into the future. Virtual reality, 3D and voice-activated tools will become even more prevalent as the years pass. Get ahead of some of these trends now by integrating online tutorials, podcasts and audiobooks into your standard routine. Think you don’t have time? Listen to one of these resources during your morning commute or while working out so you never waste a minute.


Access to mentors


Mentors who have already achieved the goals in your personal development plan are invaluable resources. Just as you can access classes online, you can also learn from mentors and leaders digitally. As Tony Robbins often says, “Success leaves clues.” Some of the most successful people in the world got where they are because they found someone they admired and mimicked that person’s success strategies. Influencer marketing is such a huge field because we’re inspired by looking to others who have already achieved the success we crave. You can view content from and interact with your favorite leaders on social media as well as take online courses to learn from the best.

Technology has opened the door to mentors in various fields. Regardless of location or time zone, you can touch base with those who inspire you and drive you to achieve greatness. Programs like Tony Robbins Results Coaching enable you to become a more effective leader and gain clarity of purpose all while working alongside someone who’s already forged their own path to success. When you work with a digital mentor, you can further your personal development plan from the comfort of your own home.

Location independence

Have you ever thought about how much more time you could put into your personal development plan if you weren’t in an office all day? People in the workforce are searching for remote jobs now more than ever before. Being location independent allows workers to not only create their own schedule, but to immerse themselves in fulfilling activities and cultures different from their own. What if instead of commuting to the office every morning you were able to use that time to work on your fitness goals? Wouldn’t you rather spend an hour in the gym than an hour on the road?

Similarly, what if you could work anywhere in the world? Imagine yourself strolling through a Spanish village on your lunch break or speaking Thai during your morning coffee run. How would you change if you were able to immerse yourself completely in another culture? As more and more companies begin to offer remote positions, those who accept location-independent jobs will have more freedom to understand different cultures and grow professionally and personally.

You don’t even need to be abroad to expand your horizons. There are plenty of domestic remote positions that allow you to explore your city to the fullest and allow you to open up your schedule so it’s more convenient to work on your personal development plan.

The evolution of education


Getting an advanced degree is a logical personal development plan example. Would you love to go back to school but feel you don’t have the time to go to campus while also working? Today, degrees earned digitally do not have the stigma they once did and some of the most prestigious universities in the world offer online learning. Whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree or you want to attend specialized training courses like Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, you can find a program that fits your lifestyle.

Personal development plan examples involving deep introspection

When searching for a personal development plan example, you don’t have to look any further than the Internet. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can find plenty of plans to choose from. A personal development plan example for those who want to learn how to better achieve their goals is the 21 Day Mental Diet where you wake up two hours before you need to be anywhere and invest that time in reading educational material, writing down your SMART goals and planning your day in advance. 

If growing your business is a goal, setting time aside to conduct a SWOT analysis of your business would be key to developing your personal development plan. A SWOT analysis has you identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is an effective strategy for identifying your internal capabilities and external environments and using those to develop a Massive Action Plan for your business goals.

Personal development plan template

Need a personal development plan template to help you create an effective strategy? There are numerous options on the Internet available in PDF formats that you can print off and use. A good personal development plan template will have a step-by-step process you can follow to achieve either personal or professional goals. Ideally, your template allows you to follow these six steps in an organized, clear way:

Step 1: Write a list of your most important goals.

Step 2: Identify the top five you’d most like to achieve.

Step 3: Write down a specific timeline for achieving each goal.



Step 4: Write down at least three of your strengths and weaknesses pertaining to each goal via a SWOT analysis.

Step 5: Write actions you need to take in order to achieve your goal. Actions can include adding healthy habits to your daily routine or eliminating activities that prevent you from achieving your goal.

Step 6: Every week, write down what has worked well, what you have accomplished, what you still need to improve and what you’ve learned.

Creating a personal development plan that works for you is all about developing habits to benefit your future self. How will you take action, and how can you make these actions impactful in the future? As technology continues to evolve and people become more location independent, you need to take these factors into consideration when working toward growth. By staying true to your purpose and working to create sustainable growth patterns, you’re bound to succeed.

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