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Are you a wantrapreneur?

Noah Kagan explains the 3 ways you can become a real entrepreneur

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For so many aspiring entrepreneurs, the road stops at an idea. Sure, they may build a website, design a logo, maybe even create a comprehensive business plan. But until they make that first sale, they’re still just a wantrapreneur – that is, someone who spends their time and money on everything else except creating a real business. Real entrepreneurs, on the other hand, care about one thing: building a product or service that people want and making that sale.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, appSumo CEO and serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan shares his personal tips for building a business, and talks about what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Because the road to startup success is anything but clear, leaving plenty of room for creative ingenuity. But if you don’t have the right tools and mindset, then the only guarantee you have is that your road will stop short.



[0:01] Episode introduction
[02:10] The failure to execute
[03:00] Three stages of mastery
[06:50] The best entrepreneurs are the best leaders
[10:33] What is a wantrapreneur
[12:00] The importance of validating your business
[15:00] Setting price points
[18:30] Identifying your customer
[22:45] Noah’s coffee challenge
[26:00] Taking real action today
[28:00] Scaling your business
[31:00] Hiring strategies
[33:00] Finding high quality employees
[38:00] Pursuing your business full-time
[43:30] Your relationship and your business
[45:00] The mental and emotional game
[47:00] Setting immediate, short term goals
[48:00] Persevering through down cycles
[49:28] The rule of one
[49:50] Surrounding yourself with people who make you better
[51:30] Next on the horizon for Noah
[52:45] Fine-tuning your primary tools
[56:20] Driving more traffic to your site


Are you a wantrapreneur? – When it comes to starting a business, there’s a fine line between “playing business” and taking real, actionable steps to building a business. Which camp are you in?

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How to hire superstars – The cost of hiring the wrong person is high, but the cost of keeping the wrong person can be damaging to your company. What you need to know about the investment you are making in your employees.

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