Secrets of the ultimate sales machine

Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes on how to master sales

There’s no way around it. If you want to succeed in business, you must master sales. World-class marketing that adds massive value will get your audience’s attention, but all the attention in the world doesn’t matter if it doesn’t convert to sales. The key to a booming business is to focus on improving your sales techniques and skills.

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Introducing Chet Holmes

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you will hear Tony interview the late Chet Holmes, a well-known marketing powerhouse who revolutionized the world of sales. After being a sales and marketing advisor to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, he founded Chet Holmes International, a sales coaching business that has been featured in Inc., Fortune, Forbes, Success and Entrepreneur.

In addition to his incredibly successful coaching program, he also authored the bestselling book, The Ultimate Sales Machine, which discusses the best strategies to implement for optimizing sales within your business. Chet famously institutionalized education-based marketing – creating sales breakthroughs for his clients, no matter their size, by knowing the needs of the consumer better than anyone else.

Although Chet died in 2012, his methodology remains so relevant that his business continues. Today, it is a multi-million dollar sales organization that works with companies from banking giant Wells Fargo to media tycoon Comcast. In the more than 30 years since Chet started the business, it has reached 250,000 companies across 75 countries.

Part of the reason why Chet’s sales strategies work so well for so many people is that he didn’t approach sales mastery as though it’s some mysterious and mystical creature that many “gurus” like to make you believe. Instead, he broke down sales mastery to make it understandable to everyone. It makes building and maintaining a successful sales team seem attainable.

Chet’s best buyer strategy

On the podcast Chet shares his best buyer strategy. In his work, he stated that mastering the art of sales is truly about knowing your ideal client and their needs, systemizing small changes to meet those needs and hiring top performers. When you attend to the needs of your top-performing salespeople and acknowledge how to relate to your target audience, you’ll see a spike in sales that even the best high-powered marketing strategies can’t rival.

Once you learn how to master sales, you learn how to master your influence. And with sales and influence, you’ll build a powerful and successful company.


The late Chet Holmes, bestselling author and advisor to Fortune 500 companies


[1:15] Tony introduces Chet Holmes
[3:00] Chet’s concept of a competitive advantage
[4:15] Education-based marketing
[8:45] The “best buyer” strategy
[12:05] Greeting card strategy
[14:10] The most expensive cost in business
[14:50] Doubling sales with current customers
[18:20] Introducing something new in your business
[20:15] Getting inside the mind of your consumer
[20:48] Why sales people are a must
[24:30] Finding the right sales people

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