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Tony empowers people to permanently transform their lives and create the world of their dreams. His techniques and methods are based on solid scientific research and his results are lasting. Tony is a compassionate human being. I value his friendship and admire the magnificence of his being.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.,

Wellness Expert and
Bestselling Author

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The Life Balance Pack is designed to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your digestive system, which is one of the primary sources of toxicity in your body.*

REVITALIZE your body and restore your natural state of peak health with the essential free bioactive nutrients and bio-energetic compounds found in the Life Balance Pack.*

Consequences of Excess Toxicity in the Body*

  Toxicity accelerates the aging process,
  Gas, bloating and excess weight are byproducts of toxicity as it builds up and is retained in the bowels
  Toxicity results in low energy, or lethargy. When your body is full of waste and excess toxicity, it is not    able to properly absorb the nutrients it needs.
  Disease and degeneration of the body’s systems occur as toxins from a polluted and congested bowels    are absorbed into the blood and lymph.

A safe, effective and convenient means of preventing or treating constipation, this
specially formulated laxative tea contains herbal senna to gently stimulate the
movement of matter stored in the gastrointestinal tract. This gentle and natural
laxative tea helps restore normal and comfortable bowel function to restore the
body’s natural state of balance.*

Helps regulate bowel habits*

Relaxing and convenient hot tea*

A concentrated source of soluble fiber derived from natural fruit, vegetables and
grain, Inner Clear helps control hunger between meals while preventing
gastrointestinal disturbances and cleansing the lower bowels in a natural, healthy

The natural fiber in Inner Clear helps regulate blood sugar and may lower
cholesterol and improve the absorption of essential minerals.*

Helps maintain normal gastrointestinal function*

Helps establish regularity*

Helps promote fullness*

Provides an essential nutrient often missing in typical diets*

Natural Defense contains a unique blend of food-based ingredients including key
antioxidants formulated to propel the body’s immune system, disarming toxic
microorganisms while supporting the creation of healthy new cells.*

The powerful combination of natural herbs in Natural Defense enhances immune
function while helping improve overall physical health, vitality and emotional

Supports a healthy immune system*

Provides abundant antioxidants*

Cranberry Clear features an antioxidant-rich blend of ingredients including
cranberry, blueberry and grapefruit seed extract to rid the urinary and
gastrointestinal tracts of harmful bacteria.*

Cranberry Clear also contains NutraGammax, a newly introduced protein source
that boosts the immune system and prevents toxins from being re-absorbed into
the blood.*

Attacks internal bacteria during a cleanse*

Supports a healthy urinary tract*

Supports a healthy immune system*

Supports a healthy intestine*

Cleans the gastrointestinal tract*

Inner Balance Probiotics restores digestive balance and regulates bowel function
by eliminating harmful bacteria in the large intestine and replacing it with one
strain of healthy, immune-building bacteria.*

2.1 billion live cells are delivered with each capsule, guaranteed. An ample supply of healthy bacteria helps support immune function while maintaining normal
blood cholesterol levels and minimizing instances of digestive discomfort.*

Helps maintain normal colonic function*

Maintains a healthy supply of bacteria in the colon*

Supports healthy immune function*

Helps regulate bowels*

Life Balance Pack

Your Price $169.00

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