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What are wealth and lifestyle goals?

Everyone’s wealth and lifestyle goals may be different, but they do share a few common themes. Many people believe that lifestyle and wealth go hand in hand, that how wealthy you are attributes to the type of lifestyle you live — and to some degree, that is true. Some goals may be to buy a house or car with all the bells and whistles, while others may be to get out of debt or never worry about having to work in order to take your family on an amazing vacation. Because money is linked to lifestyle, it is important to visualize your goals and figure out how your goals will impact your well-being.

Positive wealth and lifestyle goals help master your emotions surrounding financial topics and money. With strong goals in mind, you’re able to fight and stay free of financial fears as you build an emergency fund and save at an optimal rate with confidence.

To feel wealthy you need to feel grateful for what you already have even as you strive for more. Feelings of happiness and gratitude may seem irrelevant to financial freedom, but in fact they are critical to making wealth come to you. This is another reason why mastering your emotions in the realm of finance and money is so important.

Wealth and lifestyle goals also help you stay on track. When you have the right goals in place for your dreams of wealth and financial freedom, you already know what to do with money when you get it. You spend your bonuses and raises wisely, maximizing every cent in wise investments and the best possible 401k. You also model smart fiscal behavior for your family, and empower your children to set their own smart wealth and lifestyle goals as you and your children prepare for the college years.

Finally, great wealth and lifestyle goals make you a smarter financial consumer. When you have your goals in mind, you can ask the right questions that will lead you to choosing financial advisors and hiring a fiduciary that is right for you and your business. As you learn more about your own risk tolerance and improve your financial knowledge, you’ll find yourself making better fiscal choices every day — all based on your wealth and lifestyle goals.

The Tony Robbins wealth and lifestyle philosophy

The key here is not being so overwhelmed by reaching your financial dreams that you fail to take actions to achieve your goals. Remember, wealth and an accumulation of money are not the same thing! The experience of wealth is a feeling of gratitude and abundance that is rooted in living life to its fullest with those around you.

Wealth and lifestyle are both critical for happiness, because your presence is your present to your family, friends and loved ones. If money is a constant struggle for you, it’s difficult to commit to being present with the people around you in your day-to-day life.

On the other hand, if you build a smart financial foundation for yourself and your family today, you’ll be able to give them what they really want tomorrow: more of yourself. The worth of each day is compounded when you’ve aligned your values with your financial behaviors. Freedom from financial burdens is the powerful reward of setting and achieving smart wealth and lifestyle goals.

The Tony Robbins wealth and lifestyle philosophy is a recognition of this interconnected path to financial freedom. There are mechanical elements of planning and finance you must master as well as psychological elements of abundance and gratitude. Without both sides of the coin, true financial freedom can elude you.

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