RPM™ Quickstart Guide

Examples of RPM in Action

Amelia Hutton, 45, single, is a successful designer and home organizer.

She wants to add more variety and connection to her life. Here are her Personal Categories of improvement and the Roles she plays in each. Amelia’s Categories of improvement.

She works alone and loves the emotional transformation she creates when she helps people tame their home environments and rid themselves of clutter. She also realizes her current business model only allows her to be in one place and help one family at a time. She dreams of “cloning” herself and packaging her expertise into an online training she can sell in her sleep. Amelia’s RPM Project Plan.

She wants to package her expertise into an online course to impact more people, leverage her time and build a reliable source of passive income. She’s already completed an RPM Project Plan for this and has committed to making progress on it this week. Amelia is single and would like to find a fun and mature partner who shares her love for travel and adventure. She’s also focused on fitness right now and wants that to figure into her week. Amelia’s RPM Weekly Plan

Now, Amelia takes her Weekly Plan and uses it to plan her day. Amelia’s Daily Plan.

Diego Ramirez is 27. He works in fianance but feels unfulfilled.

Diego Ramirez is 27. He took a job out of college in finance. Diego makes good money, but is unfulfilled. He’s looking to change to a career with an innovation focus, where he can use the skills he’s learned in his current job, and maintain his business relationships. Diego’s Categories of Improvement.

Diego makes good money, around 200k, but is bored and feels unfulfilled. He’s intrigued with innovation, digital transformation and inventing new solutions to problems. He also fears that his current job will soon fall prey to AI and wants to future-proof his career. He knows switching careers may require a temporary reduction in income, but it’s worth it to invest in a career he really wants, and he is certain it will pay off big long-term. Diego’s RPM Project Plan.

Diego is a financial analyst, but he’s looking to change careers to one that’s innovation-focused, where he can use the skills he’s learned in his current job. He has a Project Plan around this. He also wants to maintain the business relationships he has already built, and make sure his fiancée Luisa feels cared for and considered as he makes this change that will affect both their lives. Diego’s Weekly RPM Plan.

Now, Diego takes his Weekly Plan and uses it to plan his day. Diego’s RPM Daily Plan.