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The Power of Polarity

Masculine and Feminine Energies

Posted by: Team Tony

Think back to your grade school science class. You were likely given a set of magnets and asked to try and connect the two. You quickly learned the like charges would repel each other, while opposing charges would immediately connect. It’s the reason for the saying “Opposites attract.”

This same logic applies to leading energies in relationships – the existence of both feminine and masculine energy will create a more passionate relationship. Masculine and feminine energies are the equivalent to positive and negative charges on a magnet. This sexual polarity is the magnetic pull in a relationship.

However, it is not enough for the two energies to simply exist in a relationship, you must understand the opposing energy –  its driving forces, goals, desires, challenges and fears. For the two energies to connect, you must learn to trust the masculine’s ability to act clearly in spite of emotions and simultaneously embrace the feminine’s inherent intuition and focus on love.

Learn more about the desires, needs and goals of your opposing energy (your best match) with the chart below.


Create the love you've always imagined at Date with Destiny