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Why you must master yourself before you can influence others

Posted by: Team Tony

What’s the key to leadership training? “Leadership is the ability to create immediate impact and compel lasting, positive change in others,” says Tony Robbins. “It’s understanding what motivates people and how to harness the power of influence in yourself and others to achieve a greater vision for mankind at every level.”

In other words, leadership training is about understanding what influences people, then using that understanding to help others grow and change. So who do you think is the most important person you need to impact as a leader? Maybe your manager, your colleagues, your family, your teammates?

While all these people are definitely possibilities, you are the hardest person to change and influence as a leader. That’s right. Before you can impact others, you have to understand and be able to change yourself. If you can’t influence yourself, forget about helping others.

The key to leadership training: Understand your own psychology

How we understand ourselves comes back to identity. Identity is the most powerful force in human psychology; it shapes what makes you successful and what makes you fail. Think of identity as your personal brand. How we define ourselves completely overwhelms what others think of us. Maybe you think of yourself as conservative, crazy, playful, smart, or lazy: those identities shape your potential leadership impact. But how you think of yourself might not always be accurate. A classic example is an extremely attractive person that is convinced they’re not sexy; no matter who tells them otherwise, they are certain they’re unattractive and undesirable. Sound familiar at all?

To become a leader, it’s likely you’ll have to expand your personal definition of who you are. Updating your identity can be challenging, no question. But when did you decide who you are? Chances are your unconscious identity has been the same for years, maybe even decades. Would you use computer software or a cellphone from ten years ago? Of course not! But leadership doesn’t mean changing your identity completely, it’s about expanding your self-definition to include key leadership qualities.

The best leadership training topics for maximum impact

What else do leaders need besides a strong understanding of how they work themselves? Leadership training topics can cover everything from how to engage an audience to strategies for getting teams to work at their best. But when you get into leadership training, make sure you’re working on ways to execute, not just learn more information. As Tony says, execution beats knowledge every day of the week, especially in business settings.

Leadership Academy focuses on transforming yourself and then others through practical psychology. Are you ready to take advantage of what high quality, immersive leadership training can change in your life?

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Cultivate your unstoppable influence at Leadership Academy