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Date With Destiny

Rekindle the spark

Transforming relationships at Date With Destiny

Posted by: Team Tony

Even the most passionate relationships still have room for growth.

Despite having no tension in their relationship, Melissa and Linda Etheridge attended Date With Destiny ready to go deeper. While there, Tony explained the three dimensions of a relationship and necessary steps to reach its most passionate, fulfilling level. A concept that transformed Melissa, and the relationship.

Before Date with Destiny, Melissa had been afraid to be responsible for Linda’s feelings and needs, having already experienced a failed marriage. When Melissa learned to focus on Linda’s needs and her own, she discovered new level depth of connection. This depth gave them a stronger bond, a better understanding, and a new unconditional love neither of them expected.

“You must come! If there is a spark that is alive in you, that spark will turn into a flame.

Watch the video below to hear more about Melissa and Linda’s story

Relationships are tough, sometimes we need more than a spark to rekindle the flame. But even at our lowest points, there is hope to restore the passion, and you will be eternally grateful knowing you’ve put you all into love before calling it quits.

How do you rebuild when you are convinced your marriage is over?

Ronak attended Date With Destiny looking to save his marriage, while his wife, Sarovi, came looking for the courage to get a divorce. In a bold move to reconnect, Ronak purchased tickets, booked Sarovi a separate room on a separate floor and hoped she would show.

On the second day, Sarovi was ready to share her story. But Tony stopped her before she had the chance. Teaching her a core lesson – that there are two sides to every story – Tony challenged Sarovi, helping her see a new perspective and reconnecting to her true love once again.

“Date With Destiny is the most life-changing experience anyone can partake in. It is an in-depth course on life.” 

Date with Destiny didn’t just transform their marriage – it saved their marriage. Watch below to hear more about Ronak and Sarovi’s story.






Want to see Tony Live at Date With Destiny?