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Unleash the Power Within

The power of the human paradox

The way certainty and uncertainty work together

Posted by: Team Tony

We all want more certainty so we can break through fear and steer our lives toward our destiny. Certainty is the emotion that allows us to accomplish what once seemed impossible. Our capacity to achieve, lead and serve is expanded by it, and it is a resource we can access in a moment.

At the same time, when you think about the opposite of certainty – uncertainty – you may think it simply produces fear, worry and doubt. However, we know the emotion of uncertainty unlocks surprise and fun in our lives and allows us to experience brand new feelings, thoughts, beliefs and strategies.

The paradox is this: We need both certainty and uncertainty.

As Tony reveals in this much-requested PowerTalk! session, we need both forces to lead fulfilled, passionate, successful lives. Hit play to discover how uncertainty can both paralyze and liberate, and how, with certainty, we can get anything we want from life.

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