Alexandra Cabane
Tony Robbins Results Coach

(858) 535-6311


As a Tony Robbins Results Coach, I have the extreme privilege to empower my clients to live the lives of their dreams–and to dream bigger than what they can currently even imagine. I was exposed to Tony Robbins at a very young age. I remember my mother listening to “Personal Power” in her walkman when I was a child, and since then, Tony’s lessons have guided and anchored my life.

I believe that good coaching can close the gap between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one. Through coaching, I am honored to share this lifelong passion for service and personal growth with my clients, who I am committed to helping lead outstanding lives.

I live in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where I am preparing for my upcoming wedding. My family means the world to me–when I am not spending time with my fiancé or family, I enjoy running and cooking.

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