Carine Kindinger
Tony Robbins Results Coach

(817) 341-6364

Since 2004, I have been equipping people with the tools and strategies they need to make every aspect of their lives amazing as a Tony Robbins Results Coach. It is my personal mission to empower people to become who they were born to be so they can live to their full potential.

After moving from Belgium to the United States over eighteen years ago, I made the risky decision to quit my corporate job and follow my passion to help others succeed. Not a day goes by when I don’t feel grateful for the courage to change my life. Now I get to help others change their lives as well – from their career to their health to their relationships.

I have a variety of success stories from my clients. From helping a client take his business from 250K in sales to 800K to helping a client become debt free. I have also helped clients work through ending relationships, finding relationships and reigniting passion in their existing relationship.

Born in Brussels, Belgium, I am currently living in Texas with my husband. We are blessed with four children and four dogs.

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