Carla Jones
Tony Robbins Results Coach

+353 01 254 4414


As a Results Coach and Trainer, I work with clients to empower them to reach new levels of achievement in all areas of life including personal, professional and business.  My niche being in personal development and mindset, health and nutrition, entrepreneurship, and marketing.  

I love that being a Results coach and Trainer allows me to work with clients from around the world, in English, French and Spanish.  I get to develop, with my clients, the psychology and strategies that enable them to reach their full potential.   As my client’s partner in success, i love celebrating the wins and successes and anchoring those breakthroughs that are going to take them to the next level.  I deeply believe in the greatness of my clients and in the power of Tony’s programs.  My own success and personal fulfilment has been thanks to watching Tony since I was 8 years old.  His message built the strength and resilience that I have, and now it is my mission, and honour, to do the same for others.

I am Portuguese, though I grew up in Montreal, Canada and currently live in Dublin, Ireland.  I’m a single mom of 3 young girls.  When we’re not changing the world, we travel the world together, experiencing the beauty of every culture through food. 

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