Constanze Hill
Business Results Trainer


Since I was born without sight, I feel it is my mission to help individuals to discover their blind spots. To help them see what they really want, how to get it & how to enjoy the process. As a coach, entrepreneur, NLP Master and shareholder of an international company I draw on 20 years of experience, an open mind, flexibility, genuine interest in people, and the business acumen you need to help you truly breakthrough.

Working with my clients, I am not distracted by what the eyes can see. I am not afraid of dark places, and in general feel very fulfilled and successful despite (or maybe even because of) my disability. I leave my comfort-zone daily, and help my clients do the same.

I live in Austria, and cherish my relationships with family and loved ones: father, brother, love of my life, son, daughter, a service-dog, two cats and a few very good friends. I along with my family, I also put my clients and (of course) chocolate in my top 3 priorities!