Corrine Humphrey
Tony Robbins Results Coach


I’ve been immersed with Tony’s technologies and strategies for over 20 years. After my first event I was hooked. I couldn’t believe a complete transformation could happen so fast. The next few years was an intense journey of knowledge and skill set that I applied to every area of my life to create epic results. I was so passionate about Tony’s events that my husband and I brought “Unleash the Power Within” digital to our hometown in Vancouver, Canada.  We created a winning system and strategy that won most successful digital event out of all North America.  This led to a deeper involvement with Platinum partnership which has been an incredible decade of learning from top leaders, professionals, and Tony himself.

Coaching is where my heart is. I sincerely want to be a “Force for good” and impact lives. It lights me up to witness my clients create empowering patterns and habits by raising their standards and executing actions to create more fulfillment in their life. Mastery is attainable. It may be a more passionate relationship, a stronger connection with your kids, time management, a healthier lifestyle, or a business with profitable sales, leadership and culture. Together, I will help you identify what is holding you back so you can move forward with your own success map and achieve your personal and professional goals. Get ready for your breakthrough! The time is now to take action and live your life by design!  Let’s get started!

Some credentials: Relationship expert, Business degree, NLP, Advanced Prana healing, creator of Youth workshops, Specialize in anxiety/depression, Robbins Madanes coaching certification, Masterful parenting

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