David Sinbela
Personal Results Specialist

(858) 790-8834



My role as a Personal Results Specialist allows me to help people discover their true why — their ultimate purpose. Together, we dive into what’s important to them, what challenges they have faced and are currently facing, and their goals. By understanding what my clients hope to achieve, I’m able to offer them the best program, live event or product that fits their strengths.

I spent years invested in my own personal development, which is what inspired me to attend UPW in 2011. After experiencing a breakthrough that transformed my life, I knew I had to help others with their own breakthroughs. Before working with Tony Robbins, I was a successful Real Estate consultant and business owner for over 20 years. I understand the value of customer service for a stable and profitable business, which is why I always focus on the client’s needs over anything else.

Born in Israel, I currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my wife of 30 years. We have four kids from ages 25 to 13. I used to be a professional soccer player and while I still play for fun, I also enjoy playing basketball, tennis and relaxing with my family.

Unleash the Power Within

Unleash the Power Within is a revolutionary, four-day live event created by Tony Robbins where you will learn how to break through any limit, overcome any challenge and create the life you truly desire. Now available as an immersive virtual experience, you will connect with like-minded people from all over the world at Tony’s signature event, which has been drawing record-breaking crowds of more than 30,000 people from 195 countries.

Business Mastery

Now available virtually, Business Mastery is the world’s premier business training event designed to help you thrive in any economic climate and discover critical factors impacting your business. During this five-day event, you will discover the cutting-edge systems, skills and strategies you need to create massive growth. Plus, you’ll learn about the tools and methodologies that Tony Robbins has used to make more than 70 businesses profitable.

Date With Destiny

Discovering who you really are and living a beautiful life starts at Date With Destiny with Tony Robbins. Throughout six immersive days, you’ll explore what drives every behavior, thought, decision and emotion you experience. Plus, you’ll connect with your ultimate purpose as you gain the tools and knowledge to reshape your destiny and design the life of your dreams. Date With Destiny is now also available as a virtual event.

Life and Wealth Mastery

Reclaim and revitalize your life by transforming your mind, body and spirit at Life & Wealth Mastery. You will learn new success strategies from Tony Robbins’ most trusted partners in health and business to help you improve your vitality, re-establish balance and make your finances unshakeable. Often held in luxurious and exotic locations like Fiji, Life & Wealth Mastery is now reaching more people than ever with virtual event options.

Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is the only program that delivers more than 35 years of expertise and full-immersion in the proprietary leadership training system that Tony Robbins has used for decades to transform the lives of millions. At the event, you’ll discover how to influence people during challenging times, improve their quality of life and help them overcome any obstacle. Now available as a virtual event, it is easier than ever to increase your knowledge and impact at Leadership Academy.