Diepak Kasi
Tony Robbins Results Coach

+31 614 751 700


As a Tony Robbins Results Coach, I get my clients to take action to create the outcomes they want for themselves, whether it’s career or personal goals. I believe that everyone has an unlimited potential inside of them that allows them to do, have and be anything they want and it just needs to uncovered. With the tools and strategies of Tony, I get my clients to uncover that potential and create the results they want in their life.

When working with my clients, I help them realize how they want to feel each and every day. Then we determine what is preventing them from those emotions. This has resulted in new relationships, careers and incredible transformations with my clients.

I live in Rotterdam, Netherlands with my girlfriend. I have 2 children who are both studying at University. I love running and have started running marathons in the last few years. I love dancing, with salsa being my favorite.

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