Jackie Kirby

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As a Tony Robbins Peak Performance Strategist, my mission is to improve the quality of my clients’ businesses and personal lives through peak performance training. I believe that anyone can live a life of adventure, connection, love and passion when we make the decision to live life on our own terms and not let limited beliefs hold us back.

As one of seven Peak Performance Strategists and National Speakers for Tony Robbins, I’m part of an elite team that delivers peak performance workshops to high-performing salespeople, business owners and other leaders. During these workshops, I help business leaders create an unshakeable mindset by teaching them the tools Tony uses to generate momentum and by identifying the chokeholds that are holding them back from producing results. In one hour, I help annihilate fears, doubts and limited beliefs in order to create empowering beliefs that achieve lasting results!

My background in health and wellness provided me with a deep understanding of the science behind Tony’s training. I have witnessed how a shift in mindset creates lasting changes in people’s businesses, in their physiology and in their personal lives. I communicate and connect with people in a genuine way that makes them feel like they have known me forever, like a friend who has their back. I speak from a place of vulnerability, so that no matter how many people are in the room, each person is willing to look inward, be vulnerable, and create life-changing shifts.

I am originally from a large, loving and animated Italian family in Long Island, New York, and now live in Austin, Texas with my husband, Jake, and our spunky daughter, Lana. Austin is my family’s oasis. We are outdoors most of our days, whether we are hiking, walking, running, swimming in natural springs or picnicking in the park. For more than 20 years, I was a ballet dancer which led me to my passion for health and wellness. I will always find a way to incorporate dance into my workouts, no matter how ridiculous I look!

Your no-cost session

In just one hour, I can create an immediate shift in your team's performance. Your team will:
  • Learn the three strategies to immediately start achieving amazing results in any area of their life.
  • Discover the five habits of effective communication.
  • Discover the success cycle and learn how to apply it to every situation.
  • Develop an unshakable mindset that will give them a more fulfilling life.
  • Determine a clear target of what they want in every area of their life.