Jessica Salazar
Tony Robbins Results Coach


As a Bilingual Tony Robbins Results Coach, I absolutely love working in partnership with my clients to help them get resourceful, recognize their strengths, and develop their skills and abilities to achieve the results they want. I am authentic, intuitive, empathetic, and will always challenge my clients to deliver at their highest potential.

After realizing that I had been struggling with tolerating many low standards in my own life, I decided to make a profound change. I sought out coaching training to help me make faster decisions that aligned more fully with my vision for my life, and I bring an understanding and compassion to the coaching relationship because of this experience.

I have an MBA, a professional background in corporate America, education and entrepreneurship, and a thirst for travel that has instilled in me an appreciation for diversity. Born in Mexico and living in Texas, I’m fluent in both English and Spanish. When I am not traveling, I live in Texas where I enjoy time kickboxing, cooking and spending time with family and friends.