Katelyn Gerhardt
Coaching Consultant



As a Senior Coaching Consultant, I conduct introductory Results Coaching Sessions. In this first session, I work with my clients to uncover their patterns, challenges and discovering how I can empower them to overcome their obstacles.

In the past 16 years, I have completed over 20,000 coaching sessions and helped create the Introduction to Results Coaching Session. I have been trained in Neuro Associative Conditioning, Tony’s 6 Human Needs Psychology and DISC profile assessment. My training delivers immense value to every client I have the pleasure of serving. I love being a catalyst for change for my clients and hearing about the improvements they go on to make in their life.

I currently live in Orlando, Florida with my wife, who is also a Tony Robbins Results Coach. We have three kids and two dogs. In my free time I enjoy taking my motorcycle out on long trips.