Marshonda Henderson

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About Me

Personal Results Specialist, Sr. MUST Team Mentor, AR Trainer

With over 16 years of experience as a Personal Results Specialist, I am dedicated to helping people discover, design and ultimately live the life they desire. I am also a member of Tony’s leadership group called the AR trainers — there are less than 100 of us worldwide. This hand selected promotion allowed me to be personally trained and mentored by Tony himself. I am also a part of Tony’s MUST team and we travel the world helping people at the events step up and take the next level forward. I work with my clients to discover the solution to best help them reach the goals they set for themselves.

After using Tony’s techniques for myself, I tripled my income and team size and knew I had to work with this amazing company. So I packed up my bags, took a leap of faith and moved from Pittsburgh to San Diego without a job or interview set up. I have attended all of Tony’s events and am certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

My mom is one of my greatest role models as she fights with diabetes and has lost both of her legs but does not allow this to define who she is. It is a belief I carry with me in everything I do. I have two sisters and am the aunt to two nieces and nephews — I love being an aunt! I volunteer each year for the Foundations Global Youth Leadership program — watching the teens grow in this program has been an amazing experience. In my free time, I love watching sports! Go Steelers! I am excited to be learning Spanish now to expand my abilities to serve more clients.

Contact Information

Name: Marshonda Henderson
Phone: 858-535-6279
Skype: marshondah
Disc Assessment

Why a Live Event?

Remember the feelings of joy and excitement you got at your favorite concert of sporting event? That excitement you get from live action can’t be duplicated by watching the event on TV. That’s the same kind of energy we harness at our live events — an environment where learning is exciting and you are empowered to create a profound change in your life.

A Tony Robbins live event gives you intimate access to real world experts who provide step-by-step strategies to immediately transform the quality of your life. We understand that learning a lot of new information at once can be overwhelming and impossible to process. We believe that if we can teach you in a way that leaves you inspired, you’ll absorb more than you thought possible. Once you have tapped into your inner pride, strength and commitment, you will be driven to apply what you have learned to achieve lasting results.

Attending a Tony Robbins live event will give you the answers to these three questions:

What do you really want?

What is preventing you from having it?

How can you change your life right now?

Our live events empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learned through constant immersion. The learning doesn’t stop once you leave the event — you will live, breathe and apply the strategies until they become as natural as breathing.

Education shouldn’t lead only to knowledge — it should lead to knowledge and action. Our live events will provide you with the outstanding resources for creating immediate, measurable and lasting change in every area of your life.