About Me

Business Mastery Personal Results Specialist

I have been committed to helping business owners achieve results for the last two decades. In 1997, I founded a San Diego-based digital marketing agency and have helped hundreds of businesses over the years. To be completely transparent, as time went on, I found myself falling in to a slump. The agency was still growing, but as a business owner, I had lost my excitement for the work. What was my passion for years now grew increasingly dull each year as the business grew and my role (and responsibilities) had changed. I needed a new perspective.

At the nudging of a close friend, I decided to attend Business Mastery. I had experienced Tony’s Unleash the Power Within event a couple years prior, but had no idea what to expect from Business Mastery. The result? I learned that I wasn’t the business owner I had always identified myself as. In fact, I didn’t have the systems in place to be able to remove myself from the company – I was a business operator.

Over the next few months after the event, I used the strategies I had learned to organize a business that was guaranteed to grow. The first step was to remove myself from the operations and get back to doing what I love. Today, I am a Business Mastery Personal Results Specialist and wake up each day excited to help business owners identify where they are currently, where they want to get to and what it will take to close that gap.

Contact Information

Name: Michael Artman
Email: michael.artman@tonyrobbins.com
Phone: 858-535-6219
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How to get the most out of your Session

1. Come to the call in a PEAK STATE.

Come expecting a breakthrough. Come being willing to collaborate and grow with the help of the Strategist. Otherwise, the call will be limited in its ability to support you.

2. Make sure you are in a place with LIMITED DISTRACTIONS.

Come expecting a breakthrough. Come being willing to collaborate and grow with the help of the Strategist. Otherwise, the call will be limited in it’s ability to support you.

3. Bring a paper and pen.

The average client takes 5-7 pages worth of personalized notes. There is no way you will remember all of the distinctions you make without notes.

4. Make sure you take your DISC assessment.

The DISC assessment is a great way to get some clarity around what is personally keeping you blocked. You may also find it valuable to have other members of your team take the assessment so you can get some insights as to how they operate.

5. Make a declaration to take your business to the next level.

Look, here is the reality, NO ONE WILL WORK HARDER FOR YOUR BUSINESS THAN YOU WILL. If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to make your business a success, how do you think your employees will work?


If after attending the first full day of Business Mastery, you do not feel you have received $1 million worth of value to create exponential growth in your business, turn in your manual and materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.