About Me


As a Peak Performance Strategist, I work with my clients to get to their next level by taking massive action in their lives. I am on a mission to bring healing by finding the best plan for my clients through an engaging, heartfelt and authentic experience.

At the age of 12 I attended my first Tony Robbins event and that put me on the path to the life I am lucky to live today. I participated in his youth program and made it my mission to study and live his message. Before I achieved my dream of working for Tony, I was the number one car salesman in Central Florida and the highest rated employee at my company. I went on to write a book about sales and building relationships, which was an international best seller in three countries and continues to sell hundreds of copies each month.

Raised by a single mother in Florida, I come from a large family of unconditional love. Today I live in Long Island, NY and spend my time expanding my knowledge through books or seminars, practicing yoga and doing CrossFit.

Contact Information

Name: Omid Kazravan
Email: omid.kazravan@tonyrobbins.com
Phone: 305-527-7363



Tony Robbins has coached the world’s top business executives like Marc Benioff (CEO of SalesForce.com), Steve Wynn (CEO of Wynn Hotel Resorts), and Peter Guber (CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and co-owner of the Golden State Warriors and LA Dodgers). Robbins has also worked closely with people at the top of their game such as, Wayne Gretzky, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman, Usher, Oprah and four of the last five Presidents of the United States. Tony has hand picked an elite group of Peak Performance Strategists to deliver revolutionary tools that will help your team maximize results and reach its true potential. Imagine your team utilizing these skills on a daily basis. What could your company achieve?


Strategy: Most people think of success as simply finding the right strategy. Here’s the truth, there are a million strategies out there, the key is finding the most effective strategy for your team – what works for some may not work for you. We will challenge with your team to break through limitations and create a strategic plan for results and absolute success. Everyone has a business plan, but if you fail to plan strategically, you have planned to fail. And failure is simply not an option.

The very things that brought your company to where it is, won’t take it to the next level. Take a look at your team. How many calls are being made daily? What percentage of those calls close deals? Are you generating referrals? Are those referrals converting to new clients? How would you rate your team’s customer service? The truth is, most people know what to do, but they aren’t effectively applying what they know. It’s time for you to take your employees from “knowing what to do” to actually doing it. By applying our strategies, you and your team will learn how to optimize time and effort in order to maximize and yield even greater results.

Mindset: Did you know that 80% of success in business depends on your mindset? Failure breeds failure. Success breeds success. If you start with a belief system that stresses what you can’t do, as a result you will have only tapped into a limited amount of your potential – diminishing your results. In order to take your business to the next level, your team must have a shift in psychology. That shift happens with us. Our strategy is a proven system that will motivate, empower and ignite that winning fire in each and every one of your employees. Bring about real change in your organization and create a championship mindset that translates into powerful action, where your team is working harder and smarter – totally invested in becoming its best.