About Me

Personal Results Specialist

Oftentimes, it takes us longer to get the results we want, but it is always worth it. This is the belief I live my life by and strive to teach my clients as well. I work with my clients to discover what their number one desire is and from there, I use everything I know to help them create lasting results. Before I started working with Tony Robbins, I always found a reason to leave my job — feeling unsatisfied in doing something I didn’t love. I learned that is isn’t our resources but our lack of resourcefulness that keeps us from getting what we want. Having this knowledge kept me persistent in finding what I loved to do and since starting with Tony Robbins, I know this is where I am meant to be.

My dad has been my greatest inspiration and role model — we spent hours growing up listening to personal development tapes in the car. He always told me “when you know, you know,” a lesson I didn’t understand until I met my girlfriend at Date With Destiny and knew I wanted to share a life with her. I currently live in Westlake, California and enjoy playing basketball and running in my spare time.

Contact Information

Name: Pedro Jerez
Email: pedro.jerez@tonyrobbins.com
Phone: 858-535-6344
Skype: pedro.jerez
Disc Assessment

Why a Live Event?

Remember the feelings of joy and excitement you got at your favorite concert of sporting event? That excitement you get from live action can’t be duplicated by watching the event on TV. That’s the same kind of energy we harness at our live events — an environment where learning is exciting and you are empowered to create a profound change in your life.

A Tony Robbins live event gives you intimate access to real world experts who provide step-by-step strategies to immediately transform the quality of your life. We understand that learning a lot of new information at once can be overwhelming and impossible to process. We believe that if we can teach you in a way that leaves you inspired, you’ll absorb more than you thought possible. Once you have tapped into your inner pride, strength and commitment, you will be driven to apply what you have learned to achieve lasting results.

Attending a Tony Robbins live event will give you the answers to these three questions:

What do you really want?

What is preventing you from having it?

How can you change your life right now?

Our live events empower you to consistently follow through on what you have learned through constant immersion. The learning doesn’t stop once you leave the event — you will live, breathe and apply the strategies until they become as natural as breathing.

Education shouldn’t lead only to knowledge — it should lead to knowledge and action. Our live events will provide you with the outstanding resources for creating immediate, measurable and lasting change in every area of your life.