Tanya Thomas
Tony Robbins Results Coach

(678) 366-0999


I have dedicated my life to improving lives. I love to watch transformation happen, and excel at being a catalyst for that transformation. I have chosen coaching as my mission because I believe it is my purpose to help people to remember (or realize!) how phenomenal they are, and to help them reach their dreams and live fully.

As a professional coach, I help each of my clients realize their deeper sense of purpose, and find that pure happiness or peace that has been eluding them. This is by no means therapy – I look at what is going on, what barriers to fulfillment currently exist, and then help them create a life that they are destined for.

Prior to coaching, I worked with The Coca-Cola Company, and was a successful franchise owner. It is here that I developed my business mindset, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial skills. I am also an avid reader, MCC Master Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation, author and founder of the Bravo Bravo Foundation, Inc. I have my MBA, Advanced CTI Certification from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and am currently getting my Ph.D. in Professional Coaching and Human Development.

Outside work, I love ballroom dancing, travel, playing tennis. I am a proud mom of a fabulous son who is a songwriter, and had a wasband for over 20 years, whom I thought was my prince. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, but from this great tragedy I learned how to be my most authentic self while moving through great pain and still create an extraordinary life. As such, I can speak to, guide, and coach from a place of knowing how to push through in a way that builds character and victorious living.