Traci Butz
Tony Robbins Results Coach

(319) 830-6438

Traci Butz

As a Tony Robbins Results Coach, I am committed to helping my clients achieve personal growth. I work through a process designed specifically for each client based on their goals, needs and aspirations, which uncovers the roadblocks keeping them from moving forward. Once we’ve cleared the roadblock, I help my clients create strategies that leads to their lasting transformation.

After receiving my MA, I was searching for a way to contribute to the wellbeing and personal growth of anyone looking to change their life. Traditional therapy didn’t have the energy and positivity I was looking for, which is how I discovered coaching. I have witnessed first-hand the power of coaching and how it can transform anyone’s life, no matter where they are from or what they want.

I currently live in Cedar Falls, Iowa with my partner of 12 years, my 16-year-old daughter, and two cats. I enjoy wine, yoga, pilates, action movies and going to concerts.