16 top quotes about finances

“Success is doing what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.”

Do you want to reach the peak of financial success? Stand on top of the mountain from which you can do whatever you desire? If you want encouragement, there’s no better role model than Tony Robbins himself – and he has plenty of quotes about finances to inspire you.

Reach your full potential with quotes about finances

Many people believe that they need to have money in order to make money. The truth is that thanks to the power of compounding, anyone can invest and build toward a prosperous financial future. Most quotes about finances don’t get to the root of the issue: it’s about your mindset. If you choose to focus – to gain the skills and strategies you need to be financially successful – then you will be.

That’s why to truly master the game of money, you don’t just need finance quotes of the day – you need to shift your mindset. Many people want financial freedom, but their limiting beliefs prevent them from achieving it. Beliefs that we are not worthy of success, or that we’re not smart enough or resilient enough to achieve it, are widespread and detrimental. These financial quotes from Tony himself will help you crush those beliefs.

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Finance quotes to shift your mindset

The first step to achieving wealth is building your inner strength, which is your ability to overcome your fear of failure and bounce back stronger than before. These finance quotes will inspire you to take responsibility for your life, raise your standards, find your purpose and learn how to turn your obstacles into opportunities. Once you do that, the possibilities are endless.

Finance quotes to inspire

“Let fear be a counselor and not a jailer.”

“There are no failures in life, just results.”

“More than anything else, I believe it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.”  

“Your income right now is a result of your standards, it is not the industry, it is not the economy.”

“The first thing these people have who succeed, who are fulfilled, is that they’ve decided what the purpose of the game is, at least for right now.”

“Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.”

Finance quotes to inspire action

Shifting your mindset is half the battle, but massive action is what turns a desire into a decision – that is, what turns your shoulds into musts. After all, inspirational finance quotes are useless if they don’t inspire you to set a goal, then push yourself to go out and achieve it. These quotes will do just that.

passionate about work

“The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

“Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.”

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power.”

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

Inspirational finance quotes to find fulfillment

To truly feel fulfilled, you must master not only the science of achievement, but also the art of fulfillment. And thanks to the powerful Six Human Needs that we all share, there is one guaranteed way to find fulfillment: contribution. 

“The secret to living is giving.”

“It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives.”

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

quotes about finances

When you stop living in a place of scarcity and start living with an abundance mindset, wealth will follow. That’s why Tony’s ultimate finance quote of the day is this:

“The secret to wealth is simple: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more. And you will have the opportunity to earn more.”

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