Change Your Life Workshop: Quick Start

In this 15-minute Quick Start Workshop, we're going to show you how to achieve the results that are most important to you in a way that is simple, fun, and really works.

The first step is to get an honest picture of where you are now in seven of the most important areas of your life.

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Change is automatic. Progress is not. Progress is the result of conscious thought, decision, and action.        

- Anthony Robbins

As achievers we know that whatever we focus on, we will find a way to achieve. The challenge so many of us face, though, is in finding balance.

Even the greatest achievers acknowledge a gap between where they are and where they really want to be. Perhaps our businesses or careers are strong, but our intimate relationships are lacking. Or maybe our relationships are flourishing, but our personal finances, physical vitality, or even our connection with our children is suffering. We all have areas of our lives that demand more focus.

The first step in closing the gap is to figure out where you already are. A map can only guide you to where you want to go if you know your precise starting point.

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