UPW eCourse Week 2

Physical Body

How often do you stop and consider your physical body? Do you wake aching and exhausted every morning or are you radiating powerful energy and momentum?

The hard truth is, many of us are constantly puttering along on low energy. Low energy equals low results—no matter how powerful your skill set, proven level of ability or even how great your luck.

The key to achieving and maintaining an unbeatable foundation in life is to first empower your physical body into a state that is energy-rich. An energy-poor state can become a sadly comfortable place to be, a state of depression can seem deceptively comforting, but it will gradually erode and destroy everything you value — from your intimate relationships, to your career, or even more drastically, your health.

You can start creating an energy-rich life at Unleash the Power Within.

This week, you have the opportunity to learn about the Egoscue Method! Founded by Pete Egoscue in the 70’s, his Egoscue Method uses a series of gentle exercises and stretches to return musculoskeletal balance and symmetry back to your body. Believing that pain, both chronic and acute, is due to misalignments from designed posture, the Egoscue Method has helped thousands of people restore their bodies to proper function through revolutionary techniques. The method boasts a 94% success rate — without the use of drugs, surgery or manipulation.

Press play to learn simple exercises you can incorporate into your life today using the Egoscue Method —

Level One of the Pyramid of Mastery is your physical body.

Without a solid foundation of physical health and strength, your life will always remain energy-poor. By striving toward an energy-rich life, limitations will cease to grow. Dominate those limitations before they dominate you.

Remember, obstacles and challenges will always arise. That’s the beautiful gift life brings us as a reminder that grace arrives in the form of your biggest problem. By starting now and living an energy-rich life, you will possess the force to break through at Unleash the Power Within!