UPW eCourse Week 4


No matter how much we achieve in any area of our lives, ultimate and true fulfillment can only be found in one thing: the quality of our personal relationships. No amount of money, accolades, prized possessions or even lifetime achievements can compare to an intimate relationship that’s truly on fire!

So many couples genuinely love each other, but sustaining real emotional, spiritual and physical passion over time is the stress test of any lasting relationship. In this week’s video below, Tony explains precisely the challenges we all face within the dynamics of a relationship.  What would happen if you accepted pain instead of resisting it?

Level Three of the Pyramid of Mastery is your relationships.

Problems can’t survive on their own; they need your energy to live. If you give a problem more energy, it grows larger and more corrosive until it dominates and defines your relationship. Like a fundamental law of balance — whatever you resist, persists.

The magic key to overcoming problems is acceptance.  If you allow something to be just exactly as it is without imposing change or control—Grace, the Universe, whatever you believe in intervenes—and it changes on its own.  And most of all, it’s about kindness.  It’s about remembering the intentions of your partner and trusting they would never hurt you on purpose.

At Unleash the Power Within, you will learn new tools to help you become the leader in healing.  How amazing would it be to wake up every morning to the passionate relationship you desire and deserve?