UPW eCourse Week 5


Time is the most precious commodity you hold.

Our time is one thing we can’t buy or bargain for more of. Do you ever feel like you’re simply juggling the needs of your family, your work and the hobbies you enjoy? Are you always trying to maintain a sense of balance while keeping everything in motion?

Imagine if what you do for a living could become something you felt so passionate about that it seamlessly integrated into your greater, thriving mission in life. It may surprise you to learn that the most successful people among us don’t even consider maintaining a work-life balance — and as Tony explains further in the video below, he prefers to focus on making the most of his work-life integration.

Level Four of the Pyramid of Mastery is time.

What you feed your mind on a daily basis creates your experience of life. There is no “extra time,” or “free time,” or “work time.” There is only time — and how we choose to employ these hours to achieve our goals makes all the difference.

Consider how many opportunities you have each day to use your time in ways that will satisfy, fulfill and contribute to greater meaning in your life. Mindless moments add up. Harness the power of what Tony calls N.E.T. time – No Extra Time – and use time spent commuting, running errands, exercising or cleaning the house to feed your mind with high quality coaching and powerful information that will help you achieve your dreams. Prepare a list of action items, podcasts, or websites that you can utilize in short bursts of time and keep this list handy on your phone or in your planner. Combine your N.E.T. time with action, and your results will increase exponentially.

You will learn to infuse every moment with the richness of meaning and the reward of accomplishment at Unleash the Power Within. Fall in love with the mission you are constantly and consistently building toward and more and more of your time will be rewarding rather than taxing.