UPW eCourse Week 6

Career and Mission

There is only one secret to lasting wealth.

Anyone can make money, anyone can get rich — but staying truly wealthy over a lifetime is a very different story. This secret is universal; it’s true around the world, in every culture, and every industry.

Find a way to add more value than anybody else — in your career or personal mission — and you will become wealthy.

Study those who have not only carved out niches or disrupted their industries, but created new ecosystems through their ability to deliver value at a higher level. Apple has spent decades making people feel inspired and creative by bringing elegance into technology. Steve Wynn revitalized the Vegas Strip into an unparalleled center of sophisticated entertainment. Richard Branson expanded his small mail-order business into a force to change popular music, then set new standards in travel with Virgin Airlines.
The next big innovation could begin as your hobby or passion project — only you can provide the next answers. What are you capable of achieving that will contribute more value than your competitor? As Tony explains, most people stop before fully grasping the key;

Level Five of the Pyramid of Mastery is your career and mission.

The secret to success is providing a massive number of people with the absolute certainty that your product or service adds more value than anyone else.  If you only accomplish one thing, figure out who your ideal client is and align your aims to serve their needs and desires.

Provide incredible, consistent value and you will transform your entire business.

The most successful people in history made it their mission to serve, do and create what they love. At Unleash the Power Within, you will have the opportunity to discover, uncover and determine your life’s true mission. By asking the greater questions, you can divine the greatest answers in your business and your life.