Life Mastery Virtual: How to Prepare for an Outstanding Event

Welcome to Life Mastery Virtual! During this program, you will empower your mind and strengthen your body as you learn from world-class experts to help you master your health, your emotions, your relationships, your time and your spirituality.

Tony and our team of experts have designed several experiences for you during this event, including a guided nutritional cleanse. It is important to shop in advance — a day or two before the event begins — to purchase the fresh ingredients you need as you’ll be preparing your own food each day.

Download your grocery list now.

In addition, please review the supplies list below with some additional items for you to get the most out of your experience. Most of these items are available online, at local health food stores or retail shops.

Important! There are only a couple of “musts” and you may already have most of what you need at home. The rest are options if you want to further invest in your health, enhance your experience and accelerate your results. Keep in mind that each of these items will also support your long-term vitality after your Life Mastery experience is complete.


Do not overthink shopping. It’s okay if you’re not able to find a particular ingredient. We’ve provided substitutions and options whenever possible. Your team of nutrition experts will help you prepare the food during the event, and they’ll work with you if you need to make any changes.


Important! If you have any illness or medical condition — or any hesitation whatsoever — about participating in either the Ice Bath Challenge or Nutritional Cleanse or any of the other activities available during Life Mastery, please consult with your personal medical doctor or other health care professional before participating.


Tony and his team designed the Ice Bath Challenge for you to take control of your mind and emotions and stimulate your immune system. This may become a ritual you want to incorporate into your daily routine!

If you have access to a bathtub, this is the easiest place to do the Ice Bath Challenge. If not, you can purchase a portable bathtub. Please double-check size, weight, and drainage options before you make your purchase. A tub that fits in your shower is another great option. 

Bags of Ice*

You will need to pick up your bags of ice the day of the challenge or the day before if you have space to store it. The goal is to get the temperature of your bath to be between 10-15º Celsius or 50-60º Fahrenheit. A ratio of 3:1 cold water to ice is what you’ll need. Depending on the size of your tub, around three or four 10-pound (5-kilograms) bags of ice will work great. 

Important! Do not attempt the ice bath or put your ice in the bath before our instructors show you how. We don’t want it to melt before you’re ready to get in! Make sure you have access to a bathtub and ice prior to the challenge, and we’ll show you how to do the rest! 


A rebounder is recommended to enhance your experience during and after the event. Ideally, choose a rebounder with bungee cords instead of springs. 


A juicer extracts juice and nutrients from fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. There are many low-, mid- and high-end juicer options to choose from. 

The below are optional! You might want to have some of these items available depending on how you’re feeling during the cleanse.

Take Your Experience to the Next Level 

  • Dry Brush 
  • Enema Kit 
  • Siddha Remedies Digest Spray 
  • Nux Vomica 
  • Boiron Stress Calm 
  • Back Flower Rescue Remedy 

Homeopathic Support

  • Powdered Red Pitaya
  • Powdered Wild Blueberries 
  • Dried Mulberries 
  • Lemon Balm Tea 
  • Ginger Tea 
  • Hibiscus Tea 
  • Peppermint Tea 
  • Magnesium Citrate 
  • Methyl B Complex 
  • Lavendar Oil 
  • Peppermint Oil 

Additional Pampering Tools

  • Epsom Salt 
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Aloe Vera Gel 
  • Ice Pack Head Wrap 
  • Heating Pad Hyperice Hpervolt GO 
  • Yoga Mat  
  • Yoga Towel 
  • Foam Roller 

We recommend you have these kitchen basics on hand as they will help you prepare the recipes in your Nutrition Plan.

  • Blender 
  • Spiralizer 
  • Steamer 
  • Grater 
  • Lemon Squeeze 
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons 
  • Glass Measuring Cups 
  • Food Prep Bowls 
  • Mason Jars with Lids 

Need help? Reach out to our awesome client services team.

If you have any questions concerning your personal nutrition and the suitability of any recipes or any other dietary or any other health guidelines or recommendations you may receive prior to, in preparation for or during Robbins Research International, Inc.’s (“RRI”) Life Mastery event (“Life Mastery”) in light of your personal physical condition, allergies or other dietary restrictions and medical conditions, then you should consult with your individual healthcare provider. 

Neither RRI nor any of its officers, directors, employees, agents, partners, speakers or other vendors connected with RRI’s Life Mastery event render medical advice, and all information provided by RRI related to this Life Mastery event is for educational purposes only, including, without limitation, this supplies list and shopping guide. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with your healthcare professional. Do not disregard, substitute, avoid, or delay obtaining medical or health-related advice from your health care professional because of any information contained in this guide or because of any information you are provided while attending the Life Mastery program. Each individual has different nutritional and health needs based on their medical history and individual circumstances, and the use of any information or recommendations provided by RRI before or during Life Mastery is solely at your own risk. 

The information provided has not been evaluated by the FDA or any governmental authority and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease, and also is not intended as a substitute for the advice or medical care of a qualified healthcare professional. You should seek the advice of your healthcare professional before undertaking any dietary or lifestyle changes. 

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