The Body You Deserve

  • 10 audio CDs: One-on-one sessions
    with Tony Robbins as he takes you
    through a 12-step process for achieving
    healthy weight and maintaining it for
    the rest of your life.
  • DVD: The power of leverage to compel
    you to follow through
  • A Custom Manual: summary of each
    day’s lessons and exercises for you to
    follow through
  • Inspirational Message Cards
  • Weekly Eating & Exercise Logs
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“After listening to the Body You Deserve series and completing the 10 day challenge, I feel a tremendous difference in my energy and overall health. The series gave me the unique tools I needed to achieve lasting weight loss success. Health is now my foundation due to the dynamic successes that Tony teaches in this remarkable program. Thanks for showing me how to take my life to a whole new level!”

Miranda Schley

*Results obtained vary, and specific outcomes may not occur


If you have ever made a commitment to lose weight and failed, you are not alone.

Every year, millions of people set a goal to become stronger and healthier — yet sadly, most will fall short of their goals. Many who achieve unsustainable, short-term weight loss will gradually gain back even more. What if you could break the cycle of learned helplessness, shatter the be-lief there is no hope of creating lasting change?


The Body You Deserve is a 10-day audio coaching system that can teach you the strategies and psychology you must master to achieve your healthiest body weight and create more vitality. This multi-media weight-loss system is not about a strict diet or finding a quick fix. It’s about reconditioning your mindset.

Weight loss, like any achievable goal, comes back to beliefs. To make changes that last, you need to transform your behaviors and your mindset, at its core. You need a conditioning process that will change your behavior long-term.

The Body You Deserve can help you make the shift in psychology you need to achieve and maintain a healthy body. This program includes:

• 10 audio CDs; featuring one-on-one sessions with Tony
• A 12-step process for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
• DVD program with custom manual
• Actionable message cards
• Weekly eating and exercise logs

We are so confident this program will help you create incredible results, we have made it com-pletely risk free — if you are not completely impressed with the results you achieve, return the entire system at no cost to you, within 30 days.

The Body You Deserve 10-Day Audio Coaching System

Your Price: $199.00 $139.30*

*30% Off (January 6th, 2016 – February 24th, 2016)

Weight Loss Package:The Body You Deserve plus The Path to Permanent Weight Loss

Price: $349.00 (A $49.00 Savings)

Weight Loss Bundle:The Body You Deserve, The Path to Permanent Weight Loss & Living Light Supplement Pack

Price: $429.00 (A $108.00 Savings)

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You deserve to have a vibrant and fulfilling life. Tony will coach you through these life changing principles. All we ask is you promise to open the box and actually listen. If you simply commit to doing that, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS. So, make a decision to maximize who you are, what you’re capable of, and what you get to enjoy out of this life. But don’t just listen to this program, DO IT! If you start the program and don’t feel like it is working for you, you can return the entire system at no cost to you within 30 days of purchase.

Simply contact our Customer Service team at 800-488-6040 within 30 days of your purchase and request a refund. We’ll even pay for the return shipping on domestic orders! The only risk is inaction!