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The Tony Robbins Blog

The Tony Robbins Podcast

The making of “Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru”

An interview with documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger


Not your average “Netflix & chill”

"Concert of emotion" documentary about Tony Robbins now available on Netflix

The Tony Robbins Podcast

From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Dr. Gerald Jampolsky & Diane Cirincione

The power of forgiveness, letting go of fear and finding true intimacy

Mind & Meaning

The mindset of a champion

Why life for Serena Williams is more than just winning

The Tony Robbins Podcast

From the Vault: Tony Robbins & Deepak Chopra

Lifelong health, the spiritual forces that shape our lives, and the immense power of the mind-body connection

Leadership & Impact

The American dream, reframed

What the hit musical “Hamilton” teaches us about timeless values & identity

Wealth & Lifestyle

Are you free of financial fear?

How to master your emotions around money

Mind & Meaning

Negative campaigns work. Here’s why

Metaprograms are the reason you vote the way you do